Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Norm Coleman vs Democrat Election Theft?

Actually for this post, I should title it: American Freedoms, Honesty, Integrity vs Democrat Voter Fraud Machine. I was looking for links - there are many - on the 2008 Minnesota Senatorial Election. In the process, I found a blog new to me that I want to share with you: Gaurino and the relevant post is The Minnesota Senatorial Election in the process of being stolen. One commentor said, "Remember Bush in 2000? Revenge is sweet." This is typical of the hatred many on the left have toward conservatives and the "accountability" standard to which Republicans are held. Off-topic, but the more I see the integrity-challenged Democrats in elected positions the more I am being led to believe that Liberals on the far-left like to have elected Democrats such as former President Clinton in office with all his philandering so that they can go home to their wives and say, "Well, honey, I'm not as bad as the President... I didn't steal my election; I'm not responsible for what election officials do.... I didn't give you genital herpes or get the girl pregnant...." The Republicans really need to fight for Norm Coleman's seat in the Senate. And, if need be, they need to fight it court if the seat is stolen. Some Demcrats are getting so blatant in their disregard of the voting laws that we need to make examples of illegal activities when fraud can be proved. Just what little we know indicates malfeasance on the part of several electional officials at the very least. Ballots in the back seat of a car are counted? Outrageous... There is no way to link those ballots to any activities that happened on election day within the polling places. The official's actions are violations of election laws, not to mention common sense, just on the face of it. With Chuckie Schumer and Carl Levin, not to mention Durbin,and possibly Al Franken, fighting for the spot in front of the TV cameras it would be an entertaining "show" in the Senate if it were not that these "court jesters" have legislative power over our lives. That equates to putting us in "clear and present" danger. Durbin alone is lacking in judgement at a minimum and perhaps mental competency if you recall his obscene ranting about our military on international TV. Al Jazeera has a main office just down from the Capitol, for goodness sake. And then there's Nancy in the House and Babs Boxer and Di Fi. Dems are expert at stealing elections, large or small. I volunteered this election as a poll watcher inside the polling place. No ballots wound up in car trunks or back seats. All was run smoothly, all got to vote, we even had curb-side help for handicapped citizens who could not stand in long lines or could not walk. What I don't understand about this obvious theft/attempted stealing in Minnesota is that you have a list of all registered voters in a precinct. Election officials check off names of all who come to vote, have voted absentee, and keep track of all provisional ballots. All ballots and election rosters go back to the Voter Registration Office when precinct officials have gotten everything together. Election officials do not take a handful here or a handful there of ballots and toss them in their cars. Well, honest officials don't. Keep in mind it is interesting that the additional ballots are "found" only after Norm Coleman had won the election. Ballots that show up in backseats of cars or whatever do not count - case closed. They cannot count because there is essentially a "chain of evidence" type of model we use in my state. Those ballots would not count because the fraud is obvious; there is no "chain of accountabiltiy" in the Minnesota scenario. Any election official who shows up with thirty marked ballots in his car and tries to turn them in as legitmiate votes should be thrown in jail or whatever - charged with some relevant felony - and the ballots trashed. That is absolutely not in accordance with election law. What does this election-fraud, like the case in Washington State where they have a governor for whom the race was stolen, say about the Democrat Party in general, and some Democrat election officials specifically? What does it say about the candidate who knows voter fraud is going on? Where I volunteered, some folks chose to vote for the presidential candidates of all the five political parties on the ballot when the ballot had a very clear statement at the top - Vote for only ONE. These folks were given clean ballots. Should they have been? Or should they have been counted as "undervotes"? Voters have a responsibilty when voting to be informed about the candidates and their positions. But election officials have an even greater duty - and I might add they take an oath to uphold election laws before the first voter enters the polling place. Election officials, regardless of political leanings, have a responsibility to all of us throughout the nation as the bastions to uphold election laws and to ensure that no voter is disenfranchised. When election officials engage in "voter fraud" or "election theft", they are disenfranchising all of the voters who voted for the candidate they did not support. Such election officials have betrayed our trust, violated their oath, and deserve severe fines as well as imprisonment for such betrayal of all of us. In the case of Norm Coleman - if the election is stolen from him - Republican leaders in the Minnesota Republican Party and perhaps the RNC should immediately file civil suits and press for criminal charges against all election officials they suspect are involved. No election official of any political party should be exempt from such results and penalities if they engage in the "stealing of an election."


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