Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Obama: Does Iran smell blood in the water?

According to Reuters in Iran test-fires new missile near Iraq: state media, along with Russia now placing missiles along the border against Poland, it seems both Iran's Mad Jad and Russia have started the saber rattling accompanied with action. Talk about the honeymoon being over! Our new President-elect Obama will go into office with plenty on his/our plate come January 20th. Of course, I can't prove it, but I don't think the "financial crisis" just happened "by accident" either. Seems we'll have plenty to talk about in those "diplomatic" talks that are going to take place. More "shuttle diplomacy", anyone. But as President-elect Obama said and Sean Hannity never tires of telling us Obama said, "Iran is just a tiny country, no threat to us." And so it begins. President George W. Bush is unlikely to take any action unless we or our allies are directly attacked and I can't see any terrorist - foreign or domestic with two IQ points to rub together - taking on President George W. Bush even with so few days remaining in his presidency. Why attack us when they can get what they want by rattling a few sabers? We are entering dangerous times. Unfortunately, the last Democrat to understand finances seems to have been JFK. The rest have soaked us and plan to do so again. They (the Dems) just don't seem to understand that lower taxes, especially on job producers, equals more jobs and more people paying taxes. However, increased taxes may well be shaping up to be one of our least worries. On diplomatic talks, especially with folks who hate you and want to dominate the world - Mad Jad comes to mind - anyone remember Neville Chamberlain?


Blogger Will said...

Recently found your blog and, while sitting here listening to Hannity on the radio, I have to tell you it's refreshing to find islands of sanity (like your blog) on the internet. We all have a lot to do before the next election.

Keep up the good work CBG!

5:00 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Thank you, Will. I have wonderful friends across the internet - some even so kind as to chastise me when appropriate. They don't know how I appreciate it.

When I first started my blog, I would draft/write posts and edit them, etc. as though I were writing a theme paper. No longer. Generally, now I just write them after I have found the links I want. I also break a cardinal rule of bloggers - "Never to alter a blog post once it has been published." I will do that and will include reader comments in the text especially when I think the comment may get lost or not seen by readers.

Allow me to introduce you to an invaluable blog on the internet if you have not found it thus far: it is the Gates of Vienna here. Absolutely reliable in every way.

Another is Eternity Road (in my sidebar). If you are looking for others, check my sidebar in both blogs and references. And if you want to be assured of a straight-forward and often humorous take on daily events, make Mr. Minority a must read.

Thanks again, drop by any time. I moderate all comments before they are published because I have had several adherents of the 'religion of peace' come to my blog and tell me what they plan for our President-elect. I will give them and others no free space or links here.

Enjoy taking a look at some of the blogs in my sidebar. A Western Heart, Crusader Rabbit, any regarding the 910 Group or the Center for Vigilant Freedom - all good; all international.

9:31 AM  

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