Sunday, November 09, 2008

Tax Code: Toss it!

The income tax code is definitely anti-capitalism and it is discriminatory. It is a punishing tax that rewards little or no work and punishes working Americans. I have not researched the Fair Tax or the National Sales Tax, so I have some work to do; however, an electoral system that favors the non-income-tax payers and punishes the tax payers. Why? Because, as it stands now, one who does not pay income tax and does not have a financially vested interest in our economy as a tax payer is now able to vote for a person who will steal money from you to give to themselves. And all done legally in accordance with legislation. On the other hand, legalized theft by vote is immoral. We need to change the system. Neal Boortz and J. Linder have published a book, Fair Tax Book in which they describe one way to make a national sales tax fair. Simple, the tax only applies to "new" purchases of new homes, new cars, new books. And everyone gets to pay the tax depending upon how much they spend on new items. Another link is to the National Sales Tax Debate. As one example, illegals from Mexico account for the second largest income producing source of Mexico. Why? No income tax therefore, these folks do not pay into the system that they abuse: education, health care, etc. No charge... If you are a tax payer, you are supporting folks who do not pay income taxes. What would be fair to everyone? A national sales tax would be one answer. I personally think more than 10% federal sales tax would be high enough. Rich folks - whom many on the Left like to demonize, yet Nancy Pelosi, Di Fi, and a few others are the richest folks on Capitol Hill - would pay 10% federal sale tax on every new item they bought. A $500,000 boat (new) would be taxed at a rate of $50,000 to the federal government. Then there would be state taxes in most states. And illegal alien goes into Home Depot and buys a hammer and some other items, he/she would also pay 10% federal sales tax. At least, everyone would be contributing to the federal coffers through a national sales tax and NO income tax would be confiscated from any income earned by anyone. Another link is to a report by the Washington Post, Tax Policy: Ripe for reform? In 1998, families earning $25,000 to $100,000 were 40.9 percent of taxpayers. These folks paid 46.3% of all taxes paid. Folks earning $200,000 and up make up 1.1% of taxpayers and these folks pay a total of 31.0% of all total revenue paid to the IRS. For folks earning $25,000 and under - 54.6% of all taxpayers - paid 6.1% of the total revenue going into the federal tax coffers. It would be interesting to know what percentage of all public services provide service for each group. The point is to start the discussion and to look at a means to stimulate our economy and to give the American people an injection of real hope and control over their finances, not a "stimulus" package based on borrowed money. No, definitely NOT the way to go. We, as a nation, don't need any more debt... For one American to steal from another American through the legality of the ballot box is immoral, unethical, and simply un-American. And in this age of a new president intent on "fairness", one would think he would work to end such unfairness and inequality.



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