Friday, October 17, 2008

UN Sec Gen: Disband Hezbollah? What?

I was doing a bit of surfing through the folks who had visited my site as I was checking the Sitemeter referrals, and such. It is great fun. And I came across a friend at Tundra Tabloids with a new post, UN Sec Gen Ban Ki Moon: Disband Hezbollah. Good gracious! How can the UN Secretary General call for the disbanding of an organization that runs Lebanon and is a major player, even if behind the scenes, of the very UN the Secretary General purports to oversee? While you are over at Tundra Tabloids, be sure to look in the right sidebar and click on A Proposed Charter of Muslim Understanding. Someone has a sense of humor.... Let me get you started, as quoted from the forward:
"The Western European view of religion, achieved after centuries of bloodshed, conflict and division, is that religion is a matter of private belief and conscience. Islamic fundamentalists do not share this view. They do not believe in the nation state, democracy, the equality of women, or toleration. They believe in Islamic theocracy, a universal Muslim society, the Umma, based on political rule according to the Qur'an and Sunnah. Such views are simply incompatible with Western liberal democracy,.... The West has been amazingly lax in recognising the threat posed to its security, freedoms, values and the cohesiveness of society by Islamic fundamentalism. The terrorist atrocities in London of July 2005 showed just how dangerous these beliefs can be..."
I would add of course America's 9/11/2001 and Bali and the other thousands of terrorist killings around the world. The document goes on:
"The vast majority of Muslims that non-Muslims meet in every-day life are decent, respectable, law-abiding and hardworking...."
There is only one tiny problem - they also follow the Qur'an so when push comes to shove, on which side of the Qur'an will they stand? Better to do as the Qur'an recommends and leave the followers of Big Mo in their own lands rather than allowing them to take over ours thereby destroying our culture and our way of life - the way of life we have already come by at great expense in blood and treasure. So, no head scrafs, no burqas, no special prayer times in our schools, no special swimming times in our co-ed swimming pools. No special accommodation for a "theocracy" which by its nature loathes everything you stand for and is willing to pick the skin from the bones of your heritage and culture one tiny morsel at a time until you are picked clean... I just don't see Westerners rushing to settle in Saudi Arabia or say Egypt. Do you? Why is that? We all know why. No tolerance in the land of the Big Mo! (As coined by Dymphna. I always have to give her credit for Big Mo!)

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Blogger Culture11 said...

The Qur'an advocates for some awful things, but so does the bible and Torah. I agree with your idea that Westerners are not rushing to settle in Saudi Arabia or Egypt — for exactly the reason you mention — but I can't agree that every Muslim is going to choose the strong words of the Qur'an over common morality. Some do, of course. But many do not.

3:35 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Conservative - good subject - Powell. Let's hold your comment just a bit. I'm trying to back-up my blog. What work...

9:36 PM  

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