Friday, October 17, 2008

Obama: Ice in his veins

Here is one interview with a nurse who knows all about it: new borns left to die. H/T to Liberally Conservative. According to the nurse in the video - the nurse who testified in Illinois - Barack Obama opposed the "born alive babies protection act" in THREE votes against this act. Obama voted to protect IFANTICIDE three times, leaving living babies left out to die, cold, crying, and alone. If you want a president with "ice in his veins" who doesn't want his daughters "punished with a baby" (his grandchild in fact) then by all means cast your vote for Obama. Do not complain when your grandparents don't get the health care they need because our health care dollars are going to care for the illegal aliens swarming into our nation. Do not complain if your grandparents or your children or your brothers and sisters are not the right ethnic group to receive care. Do not complain when Obama "spreads around" Joe the Plumber's meager income because like Joe, your family is not the right, favored "race". And don't complain when ethnicity is added as a block to be checked on your 1040 so that the government can make certain that the right people are punished... Think it can't happen. Don't bother Michelle Obama about it. Your campaign contributions are paying for her lobster and cavier snack 'cause she got a little hungry while Obama's campaign keeps her under wraps. Yep, I'm a terrible "racist" because I believe in equality of opportunity, not the Stalinist and Marxist "equality of outcome." Just remember, if you are a middle-class black American who has made it up the ladder of success, Obama's coming for you too. It is absolutely not a "racial" thing. Hold on tight to your wallet or what is left in it 'cause, as Obama told Joe the Plumber, it's just so much nicer when the "wealth" of your $42,000.00 is spread around. And if you still didn't get the memo on William Ayers, here's a link to The Ayers' Office Door celebrating the murder of a police officer. H/T to Liberally Conservative who takes no prisoners.


Blogger Grandpa-Old Soldier said...

He is indeed a sick indvidual, and everyone has had the wool pulled over their eyes. Led down the garden path so to speek. The man is a looser from the git go, and if elected potus, God help the USA.

3:00 PM  

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