Thursday, October 16, 2008

Obama, Karl Marx, and Joe the Plumber

Thank God for Joe the Plumber and Faultline, USA. Here is a must-read post with video too: Shush! Don't spread that phrase around. Obama tells Joe the Plumber, more taxes on you are good to spread the wealth around, here. That phrase is "redistribution" of wealth or income or both. Yep, that's what Obama wants to do. Steal money from your pocket 'cause you are making too much at $42,000.00 a year and GIVE some of your money to folks who are too good to "work", to pay taxes, and to share their non-income. Yep, Obama is Karl Marx in aces, the red and black ones together. Obama is so out of touch with Americans of all kinds, shapes, ethnicities, and religions to be running for office over a nation he knows nothing about. He talks as though we are a nation in poverty - how many TVs do you have, how many cars, how many cell phones, how many iPods? And I'm talking if you are on welfare and/or foodstamps? Obama with his paultry Senate salary and his wife's 1/2 million dollar taxpayer-funded grant income wants you to share your income with those less fortunate. As Michelle so honestly said, we all had to tighten our belts to give to those less fortunate. Well, I say they are not less fortunate, they are just lazy, not willing to work and/or too lazy to get the education needed for good jobs. According to the dictates of Karl "Obama" Marx, aka Saul Alinsky, the "less fortunate" are clearly the smarter members of society. If one can get thousands of dollars of income, food, medical care, and subsidized housing out of the government, why work? Just put in cable TV and sit back all day. Why work in New York City, as an example, when one can bring home more on welfare than one can earn as a beginning computer programmer? Education and working is really for dummies and under Obama's rule, if you fit whatever criteria his regime established, you'd be a flaming idiot to work when Massa Obama would be bringing home the bacon for you at the expense of everyone who worked. Well, workers aren't but so dumb and soon they will figure out what many have figured out in England. It is better to live off of the State than to waste so much time working. There's no fun in that. Heck, if you are a Muslim man in England today with four wives, you can get welfare for each of your wives and their respective children. What a boondoggle! Marxism - it's good enough for England. But can Americans really be bought so easily? And if they can, what will it take for them to realize the denegration of being under the control of the State? That sounds very degrading to me but then I've never tried it... I'll be "Joe the Plumber" ain't buying it either. Right, Joe? We're Americans and we want government OUT of our lives, right Joe?


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