Friday, October 17, 2008

Obama vs America's "Joe the Plumber"

Now, I know that your Joe the Plumber charges a fortune to work on plumbing, heating and/or air conditioning at your home but Joe the Plumber is like the Oscar the Obgyn or Harry the Mortician - well a lot of steps higher when it comes to morality and identifying with average Americans than Harry Reid the Mortician, oops, the Leader of the Senate, But we gotta have our good "Joe the Plumber". And thank God, our "Joe the Plumber" has put a face with the millions of Americans who will be hurt in their pocket book and their reach for the American Dream by Obama the "community agitagor". And we average Americans will be hurt by "tax and spend" Liberal Socialist, euphemistically known as "Democrats". And we'll be HURT bad. The ONLY upside to the Democrats controlling us from cradle-to-grave is that maybe we will cut back on our "credit card" spending. Maybe we will cut back on living on borrowed money and revert to cash and living within our means. God knows, under the Democrats from Marx's Utopia, there will be plenty of folks living off of our hard earned money and living above their means while we sink into poverty. You betcha! Sayonara, American Dream! A leaking boat sinks all on board! And we are bleeding money right now from our pores as Paulson, the Secretary of the Treasury has nationalized the banks, the housing industry, and the financial markets. And then there's little Ben Bernacke getting old Hank Paulson busy printing money as fast as he can. Yep, down right confortin', ain't it? By the way, when was the Federal Reserve (not even a federal bank) audited last? Hmmm..... Yes, Joe the Plumber put a face on the "economic policies" of Obama who will "share the wealth" which means lower yours wherever you are - Democrats think we're rich at $42,000.00 a year income - and give it to those who don't earn that much or don't earn anything at all. Yes, the happy days of Soviet-style Utopia. Our liberal elite know, they just KNOW that Hitler's fascism which included monetary fascism too, and Lenin's and Marx's utopia - from each according to his means to each according to his need - WILL WORK. It just hasn't been tried by the best and brightest. Well, for God's sake and for ours, don't give them a chance to try it here. In America we are taught to work, to have a work ethic, to care for our brothers and sisters through our churches and caritable organizations and we do a good job of that. Don't let Obama destroy Joe the Plumbers incentive to work, to do a good job, and to build his business which would employ people as plumbers, electricians, book-keepers, secretaries, and such. That's where the jobs are in America. Our jobs are created by small businesses and under Obama, those businesses will shrink under mandated health care, under higher taxes, and lower wages and employees who would have to be laid off. You want Obama's brand of socialism, take a look at the movie about the Great Depression with Meryl Streep and Jack Nicholson named Ironweed. Take a look at that before you vote. Then you decide.


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