Thursday, October 16, 2008

Election '08: Freedom vs Socialism with a capital "C"

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Obama, like Robert "Bobby" Kennedy before him, has me worried and not especially for the same reasons. We know who Obama's visible friends are but who are the invisible ones behind the scenes? Who are the ones in the PLO, in Syria, in Iran supporting him? We are told that Obama is not Muslim, not fundamentalist Muslim, after all, Rev. Jeremiah - God d...n America, himself - Wright, Jr. converted Obama over to the side of the baby Jesus. I'm convinced...and so are the Muslims who have posted comments at my blog about what they intend to do to Obama - the Muslim apostate - if he becomes president. I have not published these comments for a variety of reasons, one is so that I won't give these nuts "air time" at my blog. That is why I review comments before posting / publishing them at my blog. I know many Americans with black skin are voting for Obama solely because of the "color" of his skin forgetting that the "black" experience in America is so foreign to Obama that when he went into South Side Chicago to become a "community agitator" he needed tutoring in what the "black" experience was. Obama has followed the route of many of his kind - Socialists all - in going into poorer neighborhoods and agitating against the man. Yet, Obama is "the man", the man who will place us all under more government control. Our current "government-made crisis" will enable more laws to be passed to do everything short of tattooing numbers on our arms or implanting computer chips under our skin like some folks are doing in good old Mexico to make them more traceable by the authorities if they get kidnapped. Of course, the authorities find the relevant body limb that has been severed from the body of the person kidnapped. Right now, watching Obama and his rise to power with no experience except that of a community agitator - is like reading the "Left Behind" series when Nicholas becomes ruler of the world and all of his followers have the "Mark of the Beast" put upon their foreheads. Far-fetched. Not exactly. The more we are coerced or hood-winked into letting the government into our lives through hand-outs or through force, the less freedom we have. It sounds silly to suggest in this day of ATM cards and credit cards and such but, for my self, I am working my way to the use of cash more and more. Socialism is Communism in disguise. Of course, the good news would be that we, like Hugo Chavez, could all get to be buddies with Putin but then what would be the fun in that? We are in perilous times and, as Michael Savage so eloquently said, the enemy is within. I pray for our nation; I pray that God has not turned His back on us; and I pray that we will save ourselves from the true threat that lies behind the eloquence of Obama's words. I have been watching the movie, The Good Shepherd. I pray we have a "good shepherd" tending to our safety... A good shepherd who will save us from our folly. I don't know what it will take to get our nation back on course - a course of well-educated citizens ready to be responsible for themselves and not have their hands out begging for the crumbs of government largess. We are a nation of strong people; one thing I believe is true, we can be fooled only so much. I hope we will awake before it is too late and the "enemies within" get too strong. The idea of Nancy Pelosi being two heartbeats away from the Presidency of the United States should scare the hell out of any sane, patriotic American. But as Speaker of the House of Representatives, that is how far away she is from the Oval Office - two heartbeats away: the pathway to the Oval Office goes like this: the President, the Vice President, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, and then Bobby Big Bird as President Protem of the Senate...


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