Wednesday, October 01, 2008

HR 3997 and the Bailout: no; Solutions: yes!

Are you tired of calling your credit card company and having the phone answered by a person in India? Are you tired of having all of your credit card information, including your Social Security Number and the name of your first born - as well as God knows how much personal financial information - on computers in India? On the internet? Have you gone to Ford to try to buy an American-made car and been told, "Lady, next to nothing on that car is made in America. 95% or more of the parts are made in a kazillion different countries and shipped to the US?" Have you tried to find anything sold at Cracker Barrel that is made (not distributed) in the United States? Well, I have. And CHINA means the product was made, packaged, and shipped to the US. For every item without a "Made in the USA" label, a job for an American has been sacrificed. So, I know this seems off topic but it is not. No bailout; no purchase of bad paper. The US government / bureaucracy - starting with Congress - is incapable of running just about anything and certainly not efficiently. Congress was not "created" to run anything and the "enumerated powers" of the federal government have expanded a tad. Talk about "greed and power" run amuk. We need to stimulate the US economy and bring businesses back to America as well as help our "mom and pop" family businesses. How? Well, certainly not by taxing and regulating them to death. Our Congress - at least the finance committees - have demonstrated they have been incapable of "oversight" (campaign contributions anyone) so, here are a few things we need to do:
1) encourage and provide incentives for private businesses to buy the "bad paper" - like our failing schools, private industry and people who understand how money works will self-regulate these government-forced-failed lending institutions and turn them around. 2) permanently increase the FDIC insured limit on bank accounts to $250,000 for each SSN represented on accounts. 3) end the taxes on Capital Gains, Dividend, and Interest earned from personal investments. 4) end taxes and regulations on corporations that have driven these jobs "off-shore" and nearly shut down industry in the United States. 5) provide incentives for Americans to be successful and to earn more, to work harder at what they love, and let them keep MORE of the money they earn. 6) lower tax rates for EVERYONE who pays taxes so that Americans will have more money to spend. 7) end the "death tax" permanently so that people can keep their family businesses and farms without being forced to sell to "he who shall remain nameless".
Democrats - with the exception of John F. Kennedy who today would be considered a conservative - do not seem to understand economics and they certainly don't understand that the higher rates at which people are taxed bring about three things: a) less revenue comes into the treasury because fewer people are working; they have been fired because businesses cannot afford them; b) people have less to spend; and c) people tighten up and hold-on to more of the money they do have to spend because they don't know when the government is going to come after them for more money. One thing you don't do is give "tax rebates" to folks who don't pay taxes and your don't give tax money back to folks who have paid the taxes in the first place and call it a "rebate." You are just giving them their own money back which might lead one to believe he was taxed too much in the first place. So, "tear down those tax bars" that imprison and enslave the people, remove the Democrat-imposed regulations on businesses that have driven those corporations out of the country in the first place. And don't force banks to loan money to people who cannot repay the loans. It seems to me that the only businesses that are still here are just too small to move. Also, don't fund organizations such as ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) with tax-dollars that were used to hire Barack Obama to give lectures on how to pressure banks with the threat of lawsuits to give loans to people who had no credit. Outrageous and demeaning to the people whose homes were taken away because the folks were forced to default on "risky loans." You don't build a community by tearing down the hard-working people within that community by humiliating them. Please... The dumbest thing I have heard Obama say is that he'll "punish" the companies that have moved jobs "off shore." Fine but what is he going to do to the political party whose policies and draconian regulations have driven the companies "off shore." Better to find out why companies have left (35% tax rate) and change the policies so that corporate money will come flooding back into the United States. And don't use our economy as a vehicle for "social engineering"... The Housing and Community Reinvestment Act of 1977 and the changes made in the early 1990s were reckless, allowing as well as forcing banks to play fast and loose with loans. You want to get the economy moving, invite companies to come back and lower tax rates on everyone. Lower taxes gives companies more money to expand and to hire more people - put them to work. More working people creates MORE people paying taxes. More people paying lower taxes brings MORE money into the US Treasury and fuels the economy by giving those same people MORE of their own money to SPEND, as in buy "stuff." Which then gives companies more money to hire more people to work as the companies expand. No wonder American businesses are doing well over-seas. I'm actually surprised we even have cigarettes to sell in America with the way the tobacco companies have been slapped around. Do liberals really want this nation to go "socialist" or do they think they'll be able to hang on to their money and the rest of us can be regulated into poverty? Does Nancy Pelosi really believe that she would be the wealthiest person on the Hill if her husband were not a successful businessman? In the famous words of Earl Pitts, "Wake up, America!"


Blogger Grandpa-Old Soldier said...

I think you shoud considered running for President. You got all the right ideas. I called American express the other day and voiced a complaint about having to discuss my bill with a person in India. I hate it.

12:31 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Dear Soldier - thank you. You are clearly not a liberal. I get chastised by "liberal socialists" essentially because I am not nearly as "intelligent" as they are....

I closed my account with BP because of the people in India having my info. When I asked why the woman needed xyz info, she came back with because of the Patriot Act....

We are Americans. We can get out of this government-created "crisis" if the government stays out of the mortgage business. And buying "bad paper!" Would you do that? Of course not unless you wanted your children to have you committed.

Ooh rah!

7:38 PM  
Blogger YL said...

4) end taxes and regulations on corporations that have driven these jobs "off-shore" and nearly shut down industry in the United States.

So umm no taxes for them but tax the companies that keep jobs at home?

Congress in involved in all of the "bailout" mess because it is its responsibility to clear the country's budget. Designed by the founding fathers exactly for the purpose of preventing Bushies from bailing out their corporate cronies after raping the country.

To "Beach girl" - yes, so called Patriot Act requires banks etc. to collect all this extra information and in fact warn the federal police in case of certain kinds of transactions. This is true. Same thing if you go to your local bricks-and-mortar bank and try opening a new account.

8:41 PM  

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