Saturday, May 24, 2008

John Boehner: Open Letter from a Conservative

Dear Congressman John Boehner: I have been a strong Conservative all of my life. I have supported and do support our U.S. Constitution, the Rule of Law, small federal government, fiscally responsible government that would use my tax dollars prudently and responsibly - not to buy votes, a strong military to defend our nation against invasion and to defend OUR freedoms - not to spread democracy across a region of the globe that thrives on barbaric behavior like mutilating women and still lives in mud huts and, wisely, does not use cars for transportation, the right to LIFE, LIBERTY, and the PURSUIT - not guaranteed mediocrity - of happiness which means personal responsibility for one's choices... To this end, I have tossed my political energies into the Republican Party and have worked on the local level to support Republican candidates for local, state, and federal office all of my political life. The Republican Party has left me - kicked me to the curb - and, due to the irresponsible behavior of House and some Senate members since 2000, has worked mightily to destroy this nation through open borders, amnesty to illegals who have broken our laws and continure to do so, ear marks, and God knows what all money-moving schemes. You can't say "the Democrats made us do it" because that just ain't so. They are doing it now but you gave them a running start. I have supported President Bush on many issues but not No Child Left Behind, the Prescription Drug give-away, and Amnesty. I do not support the intrusion of government into churches as his administration has supported with nice sounding programs. I believe he should have vetoed McCain's Legacy of "Campaign Finance Reform." Dear Mr. McCain has worn out the carpet walking on his knees to work with the likes of Durbin and others. And now we have three Liberals running for president. Like it or not, the Republican Party has left me. That's fine; your choice. How do you get me back? You don't want me back so don't worry about it. No more "Contracts with America." We don't need weak, simpy-voiced men running the Republican Party. President Bush, to his credit, did the right things regarding Afghanistan. Can you name one Republican in office today who would have defended us after the 9/11 attacks? Name one... The NEA, the Department of Education (which Republicans have promised to shut down), and the government education system have done their job - dumbed down America's youth - you can see it in the creeping Socialism/Marxism - "The government OWES me." And the idea of "letting other peoples' money support me" has really taken off. There is more I could say but there is hardly any point. Trent Lott once said something to the effect - when Jumping Jim Jeffords bailed and gave the control of the Senate to Puff Daschle - that Republicans do better as the minority party. Could be. The Republican Party certainly does not seem to want or need its base and certainly is not ruthless enough to be in power - yep, the President sure set a "new" tone in Washington and it has ground you into chopped liver. But civilizations come and go; nations rise and fall; and political parties rise, fall, or shoot themselves in the foot and commit political suicide. Believe me, nothing could have done the Republican Party more harm than it has done itself. I admit that I'm out of step with many of my fellow Americans and the illegal aliens: I believe in our nation and in personal responsibility; I believe in our military; I believe in equality before the law; I do not believe in Socialist Marxism; I do not believe in Group Rights; I do not believe in killing our young or our elderly just because it is someone's "right to choose." We are becoming a fractured nation and our government is importing crime and criminal elements who live by different "codes of conduct" such as beheadings in Mexico. Our Border Patrol agents and the Minutemen who do help them are actually in a war along our southern border and who in cozy Washington cares? No one... McCain's answer - make 'em citizens! Yes, sir - make 'em citizens. We can have trade but no one said we had to commit national suicide in the process. No, the Republican Party has not left me, Congressman Boehner; the Republican Party has abandoned me and our nation, our founding principles. Unless something turns around fast, the Democrats will win by default - game called 'cause the other team's players didn't show up. You don't know how painful it is to be jilted by a fickled, unfaithful party. Nor do you comprehend how painful it is to see no reason to vote. None at all - what difference will it make? Either way, the American people get screwed, our children come under crushing taxes, and what I foretold years ago will come to pass. What was that? ...When my grandchildren work, their entire paychecks will go to Washington and so will their bills. Everything will be rationed. The government will tell them what they can and cannot do, where they will live, where they will work, and whether they will be allowed to live or die depending on their relative significance to the society... (China come to mind?) My God, how can you people stand yourselves? Maybe I can just write this ranting off to a sinus infection and a dreary weekend. Maybe...

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