Thursday, May 22, 2008

Congress overrides vetoed farm bill?

In a never-ending display of incompetence, the Democrat-led Congress voted yesterday to override a presidential veto of the latest farm bill. But which veto did the astute Congressmen vote to override? House forced to revote farm bill. The correct bill reference is HR 2419, Farm, Nutrition, and Bioenergy Act before the 110th Congress, 2nd Session (2008). We are in for interesting times, ladies and gentlemen. Hold on to your checkbooks and your money as you vote to put overwhelming numbers of tax-and-spend Democrats into the House and Senate this November. Democrats do not understand economics, period. But to be fair... Republicans understand the theory of lower taxes helping the economy but choose to ignore economic truths in their rush to out-spend Democrats, hence the Republican losses in 2006. We're heading for a Recession and maybe worse as fast as you can say Dhimmini Carter... Hang on to what little money the government allows you to keep because with the Democrats in office and willing members of the "opposition", the hammer and sickle are going to fall upon us heavy and hard...heavy and hard starting on the increase of taxes on all you "rich" folks earning $32,000.00 a year and up. And with Republicans trying to out liberal Liberals, there doesn't seem to be much we Americans can do about it but hold our ankles and take that needle in the behind. Or perhaps vote out incumbents who repeatedly vote against conservative interests. From the article, just a tiny understatement by Dick Armey:
The vote was 316-108, with 100 Republicans joining 216 Democrats to override the presidential veto, while 14 Democrats and 94 Republicans voted to uphold it. The Senate had passed the original bill by a veto-proof 81-15 margin. Those margins left conservative leaders to ponder what happened to the fiscal conservative message that used to be the backbone of Republican election victories. "The fact that the numbers are that bad demonstrates to me how seriously the Republican Party is lacking vision in the House," said former House Majority Leader Dick Armey, an architect of the 1994 Republican revolution who accused his party of buying into pork-barrel parochial politics. "It's probably a microscopic picture of how badly Republicans have lost their way."
Check the vote and see how your Congressman voted - to uphold the veto or to spend, spend, spend! Then make your choice in November. My Congressman voted to spend, spend, Republican Congressman voted to override the President's veto. Guess my campaign contributions will have to stop post-haste. Funny how they've all gotten it backwards. President Bush should have been vetoing budgets sent to him by the Republican Congress with a kazillion earmarks and he didn't. Now, when Republicans should be curtailing spending, they are joining Democrats.


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