Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Does Republican Party deserve its Conservative voters?

The 2008 Election Year is interesting and confusing. We have three Democrats running for President - we just don't know which one Mr. McCain will be running against. For years, we Conservatives have watched the black vote go 95 to 97% to the Democrat Party. Arguably, the Democrat Party has taken the "black" vote for granted. No matter how much misery "socialist" government has brought upon our poor of all ethnic groups, the poor still vote for the hand that feeds and whips them simultaneously. By the same token, arguably, the party elite of the Republican Party has taken the Conservative vote for granted. Here are several outstanding posts from Eternity Road that point out the frustrations and options Republican Conservatives face this election year. Mandatory Rebellion Mandatory Rebellion: Motivators and Inhibitors I could be wrong but I don't see or hear anything in Mr. McCain's message that invites Conservatives or Constitutionalists to the table of that large tent open to Independents and illegals alike but not Conservatives, the long-time base of the Republican Party. I have not left the Republican Party but the party leadership seems to have kicked me and my fellow Conservatives and our values to the curb as they embrace Liberalism/Socialism Lite. We have been holding our noses and voting for the lesser of two evils for a very long time now, since after our last vote for Ronald Reagan. Memo to the Republican Party elite: "We're getting your message! You don't need us or want us! No problem... We'll vote but as for myself, I'm keeping my money in my own pocket - gotta pay for that gas since you have refused to drill in ANWR or off shore."

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