Sunday, May 18, 2008

Islamic Jihad fought through the womb

Yassar Arafat once said something to the effect that the womb of the Muslim woman was the greatest weapon Islam had in its war to overthrow "Western Civilization." I am paraphrasing but that is essentially what he said. He, for once, spoke the truth. The Opinionator has a great post that makes the threat we face clear, present, and permanent: The Population Jihad. The goal is for each Muslim woman to have as many children as possible, producing not just children but Muslims born to and chained to Islam - No Way Out. Then throw in a few laws about what happens when different cultures are competing for the same resources: food, shelter, etc. The numerically weaker side - although superior in technology - stands the risk of being over-run; it is a certainty if they will not do what is necessary to defend their culture, their mores, and their lives. In Western societies, England comes to mind, the growing Muslim population - as I understand it - invades and takes over towns and then hops on the British welfare train so that the Brits not only get their towns closed off to them, they get to pay for the food, shelter, medical care, and education of the interlopers. I'm sure the bitter irony is not lost on the average British working man and woman.


Blogger mike said...

It sounds like the Mexicans are doing to the USA the same thing that the Muslims are doing in the UK.

10:48 AM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Mike, well, that is interesting as we have a growing Muslim population too. I just have to sit back and wonder if we'll see the next Christianity vs Islam right here in the USA in generations to come.

If you want to search something interesting, do a Google search on Hispanic Muslims in USA

Yes, new Americans of Hispanic descent are swarming to Islam. Why? Because the women think the Muslim men will treat them better than the Hispanic men...

2:02 PM  

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