Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Ted Kennedy: Liberal Icon of New England

Senator Ted Kennedy has developed quite a voting record since he became a Senator at the age of 30 beginning with the liberalized Immigration Act of 1965 which undermined the advances/opportunities inherent for black Americans in the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The 1965 Act rolled everyone - non-white - into the unbrella that opened the Civil Rights Act of 1964 open for all people, non-white, thus watering down the opportunities for black Americans and allowing employers to "count" all non-white folks a meeting the quotas that eventually grew out of the Civil Rights Act. [The government cannot evaluate the success of any program unless they can quantify it; thus, affirmative action quotas.] Ted Kennedy on the issues Edward (Ted) Kennedy The Real Ted Kennedy Record The Read Ted Kennedy How Fatboy Voted (I didn't make that up.) Mary Jo Kopechne was unavailable for comment Mary Jo Kopechne is still dead Along with Flopping Aces in Senator Ted Kennedy has malignant brain tumor, our prayers are with the family of Senator Kennedy and with the Senator himself as he moves on to treatment for his current malady. We must also give him credit for the legislation he has supported over the years. It is a legacy built over 45 years; it is one I would not want and for which I would not want to answer but it is his. While no one wishes the Senator harm, or pain and suffering, I would hope that he might have a change of heart and work to end the pain and suffering he has endorsed through his support of Partial-Birth Abortion.


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