Sunday, May 18, 2008

Trolling for independent voters: Barry, Hillary, and John

To me, this is a strange election year. The independents and democrats "picked" the republican candidate: john mccain. The independents and the republicans with some help from democrats are helping the democrat primary move along a bit. Arguably, the democrats are having "buyer's" remorse on their early annointing of the so-called messianic barry O. barry O, all by himself, sure put the guns and God issue on the table. Hardly a very kind jab at the non-Muslims in America. And now, john is embarrassed by the republican conservative base and is working hard to kick them to the curb - only thing he has left to do is figuratively spit on them. He sure doesn't want their votes. barry O. and really Hillary too are not far-left enough for the far-left "we're falling off the planet" activitists in the democrat party. so - what does that leave us? Both presidential candidates will be fighting for the same folks - the independents. We know barry O will get all the votes the black Americans can scrape together - we are told that every time he has run in a state with a heavy black population. Like they don't have the ability to decide for themselves for whom they'll vote. The media is so insulting. We know john mccain likes to "work with folks across the aisle" - glad he's taking lindsey with him - and really doesn't want to be bothered with those conservatives. But folks, there are not enough independents in the country for either candidate to "win." Hillary (my goodness this is painful) is the least liberal of the bunch and that is saying a lot coming from me, and we know she's "cut-throat" so to speak. Plus she has to prove she has the anatomy to go up against the "enemy" if she'll be brave enough to name it. Really, now, aren't there times when Hill looks and sounds like she has the anatomy to drop the big one? She certainly would throw sand in the boys eyes in the playground and make 'em cry. Right? This is a heck of a mess we are in. But it will pass one way or the other. I'm reading Terry Reid's book Compromise and I have to tell ya, well, I won't speculate - there's enough rumor going around. Guess I'll just have to wait and see. Hummm... Let's see: martial law, rationed gas, confiscated cars, food rationing, higher taxes, biometric chips implanted in our foreheads (they could scan them with the cameras at the stop lights), GPS tracking devices on legal citizens so that illegals won't be arrested by mistake, even more dollars printed to flood the market and devalue your property (whoops, the property you get to pay taxes on, sorry, forgot that pesky Kelo vs New London, Ct ruling for a minute), so many choices - all in the name of national security. What a catch-all excuse for invasion of privacy that one is: National Security where no one is secure except the illegals, they are the ones with the lawyers. You know the litany better than I do. But this is a strange election year, don't you think? Really? Rush has a point: give it to the dhimmicats so they can take the hit like they did with dhimmi, dizzy, jimmy carter... Save mccain from himself? Or maybe not...


Blogger Rich said...

Sure makes me feel like we are living in a different country(not America) when I read this. No matter who wins, WE lose.

12:05 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

It is weird, isn't it? But we don't lose - not over the long run.

This is one election in one blip of our national history. Our nation is becoming a "revolutionary" nation - we are importing people who are new to the idea of democratic representation/republicanism. They are used to getting their way through revolutions. During the 1900s, of the following nations, which one had no revolutions in the 1900s: Mexico, Canada, the United States, Iran?

We are importing terrorists and gangs like MS-13 and saying, oh well.

Hillary Clinton is now tauting multilingual ballots. I thought one had to have some fluency in English to earn citizenship.

Hope your campaign is going well...

2:08 PM  

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