Thursday, May 15, 2008

Israel, DEFEND yourself!

I heard last night of the most recent rocket attacks on Israel. And I was screaming at my TV set: Israeli Defense Forces, defend your people!!! Of course, I know the shallowness of my plea in that it falls on deaf ears when Americans are being killed by drunk Mexican illegals on our highways all the time and our borders are generally overrun even for all the hardwork of our border patrol. Those men and women have learned their lesson: do your job, defend Americans, and go to prison... But to the Israeli people, I say, toss the old men out. Defend yourselves! Give up not one inch of land to the murderers who would and are killing your women and children. No 'peace' can be gained when it is at the expense of land you need from which to defend yourselves. The UN has allowed and I would suggest enabled Hezbollah to re-arm in Lebanon. All Arab states are aligned against you or they seem to be. The American people support least the Christians do. Bring back Netanyahu! We are living in times of "wars and rumors of wars." The entire world is unsettled and the Muslim mind in the Middle East knows and respects only force.


Blogger A So Called Nice Girl said...

The muslim mind respects and knows only force......? Let me guess, you voted for Bush twice and think invading Iraq to 'fight 'them' over there' was a good idea?

I stumbled across your blog by accident am quite astounded by your ignorance and simpleton way of viewing the world. People like you are what is completely wrong with this country.

I am a Christian but am completely repulsed by those who throw the term around to justify murder and hate. Do us all a favor in the U.S. and take all 'your' Christians and move to your own island. I think Jesus preached hatred and violence and isolating each other because of religion, don't you? Oh that's right, he didn't.

Have fun with your silly blog that no one reads.

11:48 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Thanks "nice girl". Will miss you and your charitable perspective.

Did vote for Bush twice - my bad, actually. I do not believe it is the mission of the United States Military to "democratize" the world. Who would want to?

I do not believe Israeli people should be allowed to be used as target practice by Hamas and/or Hezbollah.

Jesus did teach love but he did not say we should be punching bags to offer ourselves upon the altar to be sacrificed or beheaded by any enemy who chooses to kill us or our way of life.

I take it you don't support the Israeli people and therefore look forward to their demise. And further that you support illegal aliens and encourage their reckless behavior.

Hopefully, you won't watch a friend deal with the loss of her mother to decapitation at the hands of an illegal alien drunk driver and with the subsequent total alteration of my friend's life from now on into the future. The illegal alien killer - spent 6 months in jail (less time than my friend spent in the hospital in recovery - not counting the years of additional surgeries) and was given his US citizenship. Then at last, he murdered his wife and now is living out his life in an American prison - at our expense.

Glad you think the blog is "silly" and equally glad Sitemeter doesn't agree with your "statistical" analysis regarding the readership.

Thanks, the blog is fun and my readers are friends.

1:56 PM  

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