Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Lionheart: Oh, England, where is your Good Queen Bess?

I have been clicking around the internet today checking in here and there among my friends - not reaching nearly as many as I want to reach - but I found that Lionheart, our friend in England, is posting well and I thought I'd bring a few of his recent posts to your attention. Like Mikko in Finland, Lionheart came under similar attack in England. Stealing from Christians Maddie slur by British Moslem Ex-MI6 boss on 42-day detention The term a friend of mine at the Center for Vigilant Freedom or CFV used for the "Mad Hatter world" in which we find ourselves is "cognitive dissonance" where nothing makes sense; a world in which our leaders seem mindless to the threat we face and, with the exception of President George W. Bush, are fearful to mention the threat of Islamic terrorists and thugs even if the leaders do admit to the existence of the threat behind closed doors. It is a world where one has to wonder just how many of us have to be slaughtered before some brave soul with the brains and the power will rise up and say, "Enough is enough!" The Danes, God bless 'em, are trying. But England, our dear England, our brothers and sisters across the pond, are under overt attack and they have no Good Queen Bess of yester-year to come to their defense and rid their land of the threat. There is no King and Queen of Spain to beat back the advancing march of Islamic Imperialism. This wave of attack encroaching upon Christendom has no leader to thwart to advance of tyranny. And even if we have military leaders who know of the threat, we have no one who will step forward and say, "Let's put an end to this threat one terrorist at a time if that's what it takes. Hunt them down and end this." No, instead, the response is the Treaty of Lisbon and the Mediterranean Union. My God - has greed become so debilitating that it has turned once fine minds to mush? Can anyone say, "Neville Chamberlain?" This is just one way the advance is taking place in America: Medical Dawa in Dayton or just zakat?. I urge you to read the posts at the Center for Vigilant Freedom blog and become informed.

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Blogger Findalis said...

Good Queen Bess is too busy cozying up to the Muslims. If she was to speak out, it would destroy the Leftists and probably her son's career (Charles is a big proponent of Multiculturalism). So she keeps her head down and mouth closed as her nation slips from her.

Lovely site you have.

9:03 PM  
Blogger Markus said...

England will do as the EU bids, as they have ratified the Lisbon Treaty through their parliament. That is an indirect democratic decision, but still, the people have been denied the right to vote on what is the beginning of a superstate,one nation Europe, with a central Brussels government, and a President of Europe. It is not good for those of us who value true democracy and independance. Keep the faith!

1:56 AM  

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