Thursday, May 15, 2008

McCain supports racist La Raza and loss of the Southwest to Mexico

Seems John McCain supports the return of Arizona, New Mexico, Southern California, and Texas to Mexico in his faithful and un-diminished support of the racist group, La Raza: McCain supports reconquest. Courtesy of e-mail from MinutemanHQ. There is no doubt that Senator McCain is banking on becoming the President of the United States and Senator Lindsey Graham from South Carolina, McCain's faithful poodle - for whom I once had high hopes - is banking on a job in a McCain Administration. How the folks from Arizona keep putting McCain in office in the Senate is beyond my understanding as he so clearly has kicked them to the curb and happily wants to cut Arizona loose. As a conservative, I have told myself that I would do McCain no harm here at my blog but for goodness sake - who is going to protect him from himself? He recently said he would ensure the border was secure, probably ensuring the illegals could not get out of the United States, and then he would commence to ensure citizenship for illegal aliens here already. He spits on the Republican conservative base and plows the voter fields for the "independents". Obama is plowing the same ground. Does Senator McCain really think the "independents" will vote for him over Obama or even Hillary? For those of you in South Carolina, Senator Graham is up for re-election this November, in case you may have forgotten which I doubt. Well, I'm a conservative so we'll see if there are any conservative candidates running for president in November 2008...

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