Thursday, May 15, 2008

Republican Survey - An Immigration Question

I just received a survey questionnaire from the Natiuonal Republican Congressional Committee. Naturally, they are seeking funds for the up-coming congressional elections. When I have any money to donate to a candidate, I always contribute to the candidate directly. Why? Because the given candidate votes for me and because I will not have my hard-earned money as limited as it is for candidates go into general funds that often go to folks known as RINOs - Republicans in name only. Now the question I thought you might like: Do you agree with Republican leaders that tightening border security and strengthening enforcement of existing laws are necessary before we can look at what to do about the several million illegal immigrants already in our country? That is the question. My response was YES and NO because it seems to me that we can do both: we can enforce existing laws by deporting illegal aliens now AND we can secure the border too. Can't we? If we can't, then why do we insist on calling ourselves a "superpower" when in fact we are owned by China and God knows who else, not to mention foreign oil producing nations thanks to our Liberal Left Democrats. Got a problem with high gas prices? Buy stock in a major oil company that you purchase gas from at the pump - not Citco... To see how much we have been sold out, see MinutemanHQ and learn about the NAFTA superhighway...and of course, the famous North American Union - don't believe it? Don't care? Hmmm....

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