Saturday, April 26, 2008

Planned Parenthood and the killing of minority pre-borns

On The O'Reilly Factor last night, Laura Ingraham was commenting on the slaughter of American lives that is going on "for profit" in abortion clinics and while Planned Parenthood gets over 300 million tax-payer dollars for "education", I would guess it is anyones guess on how that money is really spent. Well, it seems 1/3 of all the abortions result in the slaughter of black American babies. Since Muslim women don't have abortions traditionally and Hispanic women not so many, the rest of the babies being slaughtered are non-Hispanic white American babies. Non-Hispanic white folks are being left to become a minority by attrition and by the rising tide of illegal aliens. I gotta tell ya, black Americans, if you want to continue to have a seat at the table and stop being further marginalized by these "citizenship for illegals" folks, you may want to rethink that abortion thing and force your leaders to push for more stability in the black community as existed coming out of the Korean War. But to continue... What a blight upon our nation! How will God ever forgive us? [Some years back, I was sitting up late working and also watching the US Senate in late session with open floor debate on that heinous procedure "partial birth abortion" which in any sane society would be called infanticide, aka, murder. I listened to Babs Boxer, that creature who has never met a fetus she doesn't want eliminated like killing grubs in a garden, and then I realized tears were rolling down my face as I then listened to Rick Santorum speak in defense of our unborn Americans.] The Democrats decry the death of our military men and women one soldier at a time who have chosen to serve our great nation with honor, dignity, and yes, sometimes the ultimate sacrifice - so that men may live free. I tend to think they fight in defense of our unborn babies too. Our military men and women have more honor and dignity in their little fingers than many of these elected Democrats in Congress will ever have. But I digress... The Democrat Party is on the brink of nominating a candidate who doesn't want his "daughter punished with a baby", meaning that if she became pregnant out-of-wedlock, as a young girl/woman, he is for the aborting/killing of his own grandchild. I cannot comprehend that manner of thinking. Surely, his mother could have exercised the "killing her unborn" option. But she chose life for Barack. I wonder how many people today would say honestly, "Gee, I wish my mom had chosen abortion in my case..." But to kill or support the killing of his own grandchild - with his rising income, surely he and Michelle could find it in their hearts to ease their daughter's "punishment" and welcome their grandchild into their home as their daughter got on with her education. Amazing to me, to hear a presidential candidate say, "I wouldn't want my daughter punished with a baby." Doesn't that give you any pause for concern? And where are the black leaders marching against abortion mills where 33% of the preborn babies killed are black Americans. What kind of "audacity of hope" culture is that? In full disclosure, I don't go any easier on the non-Hispanic white women who are killing their pre-borns either. How in the world will God forgive us? Sorry, I forgot, the nanny state forgives all even if she does have to share the stage with the global warming god.


Blogger ZenTiger said...

Peter Singer writes in Rethinking Life and Death:

Human babies are not born self-aware or grasping their lives over time. They are not persons. Hence their lives would seem to be no more worthy of protection than the life of a fetus.

This is the basis for his argument it is alright to kill newborn babies.

I think his defenders say his argument is much more nuanced than that. Whatever. His argument is that he draws a line, and the line is on self-awareness and an understanding of time. On that basis, you can murder many people, and certainly premature babies.

It's only one way of drawing a line, and when lines are drawn, the reasons and excuses come thick and fast. It's been relabeled as "new morality". Where's the morality in avoiding the word "murder"?

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