Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Democrats: thank Heaven for elitist Dems!

Yes, thank Heaven for elitist Dems! Seriously, I appreciate them in that they have one thing in common with the jihadists. They have no problem letting us know how they feel about the average, hardworking American of any political persuasion - they look down upon us. In fairness, some Republican leaders feel the same way... Obama infamously remarks that we backward folk "cling to our guns and to religion" in our frustration. Well, no. We cling to our guns for protection and to our religion because our religion is the "rock" upon which we find our way. I want to write a post on the various examples of how the elitists among the Democrat Party as well as the Republican Party look down upon us, the little people, but alas the flu and sinus infections just won't let me get the post written. I rather agree with Ann Coulter when she commented last night on Hannity and Colmes that we have Hillary, Obama, and McCain and she doesn't think any of them can get elected. I haven't figured out how to bring this about yet but if you have any ideas, get the word out to the folks who can get the word out. Here's the plan: without the hassel of a third party - we have the Dems, the Republicans, the Libertarians, Nader's group - we have enough parties. We, as a people, need to somehow decide on a person, Ron Paul, Huckabee, Thompson, Romney, Bob Barr, a conservative Democrat - someone who will not be the candidate of the Dems or Pubs and WRITE-IN that person's name on election day - all across America. A good 50% of the base of the Democrat and Republican Parties are disenfranchized (sp) - hey, they need us but would just as soon we went away. We don't need a third-party Ross Perot split sort of thing out in the open. But somehow, osmosis, somehow, we Americans need to put our differences aside and do what is right for OUR nation and write-in ONE agreed upon candidate. Sure, we won't agree with the person on everything - I'm not for open borders but the borders are open essentially. We all know the parties take their respective base for granted - right? Well, we need to change that without any fanfare. Together as Americans we need to set aside our individual interests (our representatives can fight out those things in Congress) and vote for America and our nation's future. We need to write-in a candidate and tell both parties this is OUR nation, not their playground. How can we get this done? How can we Americans take our nation back? We can disagree; we can bicker; but we can also stand together for the greater good, can't we? On 9/11, the Islamic terrorists didn't care about ethnicity, religious beliefs, or anything else about the 3,000 America citizens they murdered. But we stood together and rose from the ashes. We need to do that again this November...


Anonymous Don Bistrow said...

If I could have only nominated Mike Pence, Duncan Hunter, and Jim DeMint or found someone in the small cadre of political conservatives who is both fiscally and socially responsible to the cause I believe in.

But that won't happen because our country is split, uninformed, and they are raising a future of idiots wrapped around IPods, cell phones, Grand Theft Auto, attending schools from K-PhD. run by Socialists, unions who are attempting to squash free trade, free speech on the brink, the right to carry a gun, the right to spend how you wish on a candidate, citizens with fewer benefits than an illegal immigrant, .............Are you depressed yet?

We have politicians who call Marines murderers, wish to surrender while our brave Armed Forces continue to win the war on terror, politicians who will sell their soul to win an election and don't mind selling your soul as a bonus that is not tax deductible, candidates who want to raise your taxes and bail out risk takers who want a free ride out of their bankruptcy, have no respect for the economic machine called entrepreneur's, want to take a businesses profits and cut the pay of a CEO despite the fact no politician this side of Mitt Romney can operate a lemonade stand, changing positions based on poll numbers, morons drinking shots for votes, candidates calling me a typical white guy while the only truth to that is I'm Caucasian and I'm supposed to trust a voting public who thinks it's OK to have pizza delivered to the Oval Office, drop your pants and play with your cigar and an intern at the same time you discuss foreign policy with another world leader.

Oh, I feel more comfortable voting now, pour me another boilermaker Hillary, I'm late for my meeting at the KKK of A and that God Damn America is starting to really anger my core beliefs that 50% of the voting public really wants to vote for a Socialist and the other 50% is confused because their candidate spends much of his political capital cavorting with the Socialists while he calls himself a soldier of the Reagan Army.

While Obama spins the tale about his spiritual advisor, Clinton sends Bubba on the campaign trail and I get thrown under the Straight Talk Express. Someone please stop the world, I want to get off.

Sorry, I think Mel Brooks already put in for that request. Indeed!

11:24 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Don, this is really good. If you don't mind, I may post it - with credit to Liberally Conservative of course - if you don't mind.

As you know, I am an avid fan of the oppressed white male - much abused in our "color blind" society. Actually, I'm sickened that the ONLY people in the United States who are called racists are white conservatives and all we want to do is teach a man to fish so he can feed his family and not be a slave to government handouts.

We are well along the path to Socialism and the big "C" - certainly tyranny comes in different packages.

Nice to hear from you.

11:17 AM  

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