Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Obama's neighbors and friends

I was letting my fingers do the walking through a few commentaries and found two to share with you. These are rich and they are important. And although they don't do it, I'll ask the question: should Obama get a free pass on judgments in character matters BECAUSE he has black skin? The answer is no. He who would be president of the United States must walk the gauntlet all others have walked - bloodied and unbowed - before him. Affirmative action does not reach as far as the presidency... By Ann Coulter: You don't need to be a weatherman to know which candidate blows By Charles Krauthammer: The Distractions of Obama's Character Should Obama not be crowned the president, his wife will say, "The ugly white man did it." But she will be wrong; she will have no farther to look for the cause of his defeat than to herself, to Jeremiah Wright, to William Ayers, and to Tony Rezko along with Louis Farrakhan and most prominently, she must face the ugly truth that his defeat will have been brought about by Obama himself. It is time for white Americans to get over the spoons full of "white guilt" that have been the gruel served cold to us since our infancy for acts of slavery perpetrated upon black Africans by Muslims, black African chieftains, Dutch slave traders and others. America ended slavery in the South in the 1860s. Over 500,000 of us died in a matter of States' Rights on trade couched as a "war against slavery", another lie. However, no black person in America today has been a slave and no white American has owned a black slave. More white Americans are living in poverty than black Americans and black Americans have more opportunities than any other Americans living today. Black Americans who fixate on Black Liberation Theology - racist by any standard as is Kwanzaa - simply perpetuate the ideas of separatism and entrench black racism. [No comments about the black experience in mean old America today in 2008 will be published. I'm sick of listening to that "dead horse" that is poisoning our youth.] No, if Obama is defeated in his campaign for the presidency, he must understand that the "buck stops" with him and his words and actions. White America has bent over backwards to give him the presidency, and I mean "give." It's time for him to earn the presidency the hard way and it's time for us to clean our guns and get back to our Bible study. If he is elected president of the United States, then the pressure will be on to see if he can stand the heat in the crucible of that office. We already know he will set out the welcome mat for the very Islamic terrorists who continue to kill across the globe today. If Dems want to get behind a cause, why not put "global warming" on the back burner, and fight Islamic terrorism instead of putting on a silk scarf as Nancy Pelosi did and sitting down to tea? It is one thing to sit down to talk with people with whom you can reason; it is a fool's errand to sit down with folks who really, really want to kill you and say so...


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