Saturday, May 24, 2008

Hillary - The Independent Candidate?

Musings from the beach. Hey, if Bill Clinton can "muse" about the best way for Hillary to get a shot at the Presidency, er, I mean, the White House, so can I... We've all heard the adage - Never say never! Well, I find myself in that peculiar position as I -gasp - contemplate "Hillary Clinton for President" as an Independent Candidate. Why? Arguably, Hillary is the most conservative Liberal of the three. Yes, we know Hillary is a Marxist but she is the Marxist we know. Better the Marxist we know than Barry, the Marxist, radical Islamist sympathizer, we don't know. My, how far we have fallen...but... Hillary has a lot to prove, manly courage being one of the things so I don't think she'd hesitate to bomb any nation that attacked us directly or through surrogates as a means of testing her. She has been rumored to throw things at the President of the United States so fighting terrorists should be no problem. She wouldn't have to worry about the Secret Service protecting the terrorists but then again, her husband did pardon a few terrorists, as I recall. All three "candidates" are for citizenship for illegals so we've lost on that one unless we are ready to make a human fence along our border and face the snipers of the drug cartels or perhaps "friendly" fire from our backs. Hillary can be a bit shrill but I think she'd beat Michelle Obama hands down in a fight and Hillary doesn't need Barack Hussein Obama as a running mate. He doesn't need her either, by the way. With Hillary, we wouldn't have to see the Nation of Islam bodyguards protecting the President. Anyone recall whatever happened to Malcolm X when he converted to less radicalism? Now that's a powerful incentive to support the Arab terrorist nations against Israel. I know we'd crawl to the polls to defeat her head-on against a conservative Republican BUT what would we do if given the choice of Clinton, McCain, or Obama? Don't know... Both Barry and John are trolling for the "independent" voters. Barry won't have enough "Democrats" to win; McCain may not be able to get enough Republicans to believe him (we did believe before - right? No more koolaid for me.) And since the Dems are getting ready to "kick Hillary to the curb", popular vote not withstanding - this is not the Electoral College afterall - she has plenty of support and she would take Independents away from Barry and John. Sweet!!! Lieberman knows the way it works. She can take a few pages out of his playbook and run as an Independent. Rather like poker - I'll see that 'candidacy' and raise you one! So, Ron Paul is still picking up delegates, good for him; Bob Barr looked around and the Republican Party was no where to be found so he went Libertarian. Maybe our choices are looking better: Ron Paul, Bob Barr, and Hillary Clinton. And if we want to be particularly adventuresome, let's write-in Glenn Beck and leave all the "political" party leaders scratching their whatever and saying, "What the f**k happened?" We are told that Islam has been hijacked by the radical Islamists - not true. But the Republican Party has either been hijacked by the liberal elite of the party or everyone in leadership has had an old-fashioned labotomy en masse. McCain is like John Kerry in one respect; you've heard of Heintz. Ever heard of Anheuser-Busch? Maybe the Keating Five? We've had Operation Chaos. Let's keep this party going with "Operation - Hillary, the Independent Candidate." Of course, the worst nightmare is the extreme liberals who'll be put on the Supreme Court, the highest legislative branch in the land. We - the American people - are going to get screwed, blued, dyed, tattooed, mutilated, and spindled with a Democrat Congress anyway. Why not have some fun as we circle the drain for the next two years or so? Catch our breath and beat the heck out of 'em in 2010? We'll be too poor to do anything else...

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