Saturday, March 01, 2008

Mike Huckabee - Please stay in the presidential race!

I have not always been kind to Mike Huckabee but now I ask him to stay in the Republican Presidential primary race. I would LOVE to see a brokered convention. Absolutely LOVE it! We need to clear out the cobwebs and Mr. McCain just has too much legislation he has supported that is adverse to the good of the American people: Campaign Finance Reform and the Great Amnesty Bamboozal of 2007 to name just two. I may be forced to hold my nose and vote this year but I'd prefer a "write in" to tossing my integrity out the window entirely. All three "front" runners are members of the CFR and support the "new world order" or "one world governance" supported by Bush I, Clinton I, Bush II, and Barack Hussein Obama, Hillary Rodham Clinton, and John McCain. Remember too that all three have seats in the Senate - none of them will be out of a job if they lose their presidential bids. Do you want to submit your IRS tax forms to the UN? Do you want your Second Amendment rights abolished in deferrence to the United Nations tin-horned dictators? Do you want your children taken from you because you want to teach them at home and to teach them Christianity? Do you want to see our Christian and Jewish cemetaries desecrated as they have been in France by the Islamists? Do you think what is happening in Europe can't or won't happen here? Do we have the fight left in us to model the Danes? They are fighting for their national sovereignty and national identity. Except for the Minutemen, are we doing that except in isolated cases. So, I'm sending a few dollars to Mike Huckabee and a few dollars to my Congressman for re-election but that's it, besides a few dollars to the Minutemen for our own fence. So, Mike, please stay in the race even past the 1191 delegates. Folks in PA need someone to vote for too... And the number of popular votes you earn will translate into the votes McCain has to earn if he has any clue of winning. McCain has to be smart enough to know that the Independents and Democrats who have helped him win various primaries will not vote for him in the primary. So, run, Mike, run!


Blogger Orde said...

That's cool that you're strong enough to admit you haven't been kind to Huckabee, but now are supporting him--wish more were able to admit the wisdom of this. I remember at first I had certain assumptions about Huckabee or didn't really challenge some of the stuff I heard or just didn't do the research, but when I finally got around to checking him out, wow, he's a strong candidate! Just hope it's not too late for the brokered convention.

3:35 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Thank you, orde. I hope it isn't too late. Spread the word and maybe more folks will vote for Huckabee. Texas is a particularly "religious" state and has many strong Christians of all ethnic groups.

I am particularly disgusted with how the democrats are using the race card and gender card within their primary. No need for that. Let's fight it out on issues.

4:01 PM  

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