Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Obama torpedoes Race Relations in America!

Congratulations to Barack Obama, the "uniter". He has - as far as I am concerned - torpedoed race relations in America at least between non-Hispanic white Americans and Americans of African ancestry. I'll never look at so-called "Christian" black Americans the same way again. Not after Obama's assertions that Wright's "sermons" reflect what is said in every black church across America every Sunday. How the heck can race relations improve when white churches preach "Christian" love and, according to Barack Obama, black "Christian" churches preach hatred of white Americans? Perhaps non-Hispanic white Americans owe Barack Obama a big "Thank you". Perhaps he did us a favor by telling us of the racist hatred that, he says, is preached against us across America in black churches. As he said, "It is not all that uncommon..." the incendiary comments. If true, so be it; if Obama's broad-brush statement is false, black pastors have a lot of ground to make up to clarify that these comments are isolated and not spewing from their pulpits too as Obama has stated. This statement is from the man who would be President of the "God-damned U.S. of KKK A." Good grief! Grow the heck up! Black Americans and every other person that can claim one drop on non-Hispanic white blood has all kinds of opportunities open to them that non-Hispanic white people 1) are denied and 2) are paying the taxes to make available to non-white Americans and to illegals as well. Good f**king grief! Reparations - HELL no! We've paid enough and nearly bankrupt our nation. We know our educational system is destroyed. And now, thanks to Barack Obama, a big bite has been taken out of race-relations. No need to "make nice" now - he has said white America is hated by black Americans. In one speech, Barack Obama tarred ALL black churches with a very ugly brush and proved that integration has only been in the hearts and minds of white Americans - duped again! It is better to know how much we - non-Hispanic white people - are hated by black Americans, as Obama has stated, and it is interesting that - from my observation of Obama's speech - Obama himself has driven a stake into the heart of race-relations in America. Obama not only damaged black Americans with his speech but he also made a general statement that all of us have heard similar racist, hate-mongering proclamations from our pastors too! Well, not so, Barry - only in your racist church... Wrongo, Barack! You have done non-Hispanic white folks a favor and I suppose we needed to hear it sooner or later. And then to cast blame on your "white" grandmother who loved you and cherished you enough to give you the best education Hawaii had to offer its elites. You may become "president" but you sure don't deserve it and, from you recent speech, I'll know as will all non-Hispanic white Americans that you will be the president only of so-called "minorities." You will kick Israel to the curb and you will put chains on us all - black and white - through your Marxist slavery. And about your grandmother being fearful of thugs (of any color) - that is not racists; that is SMART! And you are an ungrateful grandson who is not worthy of the love she bestowed upon you. Shame on you... At the very least, non-Hispanic white people don't have to pretend that black Americans like us. Now we know right from the mouth of a presidential candidate. Thanks, Barry! You told the truth... Am I "ticked" off at the audacity of arrogance? You betcha... Additional posts with good links: Obama, a man of privilege and no lapel pin Collapse of a Marxist Snake-oil Salesman Obama's Theology - Marxism Is America ready for Islamist-supporting president?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not all black folks follow the race baters such as Obama,Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. They all use the black communtiy for their own gain not for the whole of the community.

That being said, I do feel that if Obama does not get the the nomination there will be riots in the streets. Incited no less by the race baters again.

2:45 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

I agree with you that not all black Americans follow the race baiters. That is why I have volunteered my time and money to help more than one black American politicial get elected.

Maybe it is time for a few riots so we can clear the air and those of us - regardless of skin color - can come together and defend the America we love.

3:54 PM  
Blogger Dr.D said...

I did not expect it to be someone as slick as Obama that would trigger bloodshed, but it may just turn out to be that way. If so, well, so be it. I thought it would be a meskin provocation that would do it, but it has to come from one group or the other. We are surrounded, blacks on one side, mestizos on the other. We are going to have to fight our way out of this.

11:23 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Dr. D, not sure this is "our" fight. Perhaps Obama was too scripted and too slick for his own good. I think the Democrat convention will be a thing to behold because Hillary is not giving up, period. Let the "big tent", well-fed on hypocracy, Donkeys fight it out.

Conservatives don't have a dog in their fight. Perhaps all of these years of pandering to the black Americans while stringing blacks along on the march to the welfare state will come back to haunt the Donkeys - talk about liberal racists. Shelby Steele wrote a good book about white liberal racism - A Dream Deferred. Maybe it, along with the black racism Obama accredits to the black churches in America will all combine to bite the Donkey on the butt. Talk about pin the tail on the donkey! Boy, howdy! Hope Denver can double or triple its guard and that places like Detroit and South Central LA as well as others are going to be patrolled. I think many black Americans fed lies all these years by Democrats will revolt against their "masters" in the white elite of the Democrat Party.

Our job is to watch and guard our own homes but Barack blamed everyone in his recent speech and turned the topic around to be against white people and not "Jeremiah was a bullfrog" Wright, Jr. Even condemned his white grandmother who took him in at the age of 10.

Well, it'll be a hot time in Denver...

About the Mexicans - they are using the hatred of some Americans of African descent to their own advantage and will drop them like a hot rock when necessary. Mexicans, generally speaking, and non-Hispanic white folks do not have animosity toward each other. According to Obama, anti-white sentiment is characteristic of the black community. Maybe that's why he touts the rhetoric of "unity" while in my home town that anti-white hatred seems to exist only within the local NAACP group.

Let's sit back and watch the two-faced leadership of the Democrat elite have at it. It would be fun to see Nancy Pelosi knocked down a peg or two.

Any black Americans with any sense can see that the Donkeys have kept black people enslaved to the government and Obama would only make the chains of government tyranny worse...

11:54 PM  
Blogger Dr.D said...

Beach Girl, you are certainly correct that we do not have a dog in the fight for the Dem nomination. We defininately have a major stake in the future of this country, and if there are riots caused by any minority group, whether they be black, brown, or purple, it will not matter; white must win in the end. It is our country, and we must keep it that way or see it descend into the pit like most of the third world countries that these folks originate from.

I was doing some reading recently on tolerance, particularly in the context of religious tolerance, but the ideas apply more broadly. Tolerance we usually think of as something designed to protect the status of minorities, but that is not the entire concept. The rest of the idea is that it includes protecting the peace of the majority from violence by the minority. This goes back to the period 300 AD - 313 AD when the Roman emperors were first beginning to recognize Christianity as an acceptable sect within their basically pagan society. The Christians were a minority that they finally decided to accept, for the peace of their own majority group. They specifically required that the Christians pray to their God for the emperor and the government. This was for the benefit of the majority, not the minority! We seem to have lost sight of the fact that the minority owes a debt of support to the majority in return for tolerance. We need to remember this fact.

10:33 AM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Dr. D - interesting point. I wonder if non-Hispanic white folks will benefit from affirmative action and tolerance when they become the "minority?" :)

5:55 PM  
Blogger Dr.D said...

Beach Girl, you really have a sense of humor. You have a real future in comedy! Your jokes are just great!

6:33 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Dr. D - I never can tell if you are making fun of me - either way, it is A-okay. It is funny, isn't it? Check the CIA WorldFact Book. The "white" population in US has increased by about 7% since 2000 or 2004 - guess why? 'Cause "Hispanics" are counted as white, that's why the new catagory: non-Hispanic white already in preparation for when non-Hispanic whites are the minority 'cause they'll only be a "minority" of the majority. Oh, happy day. I just don't know how to tell my American brothers and sisters of African ancestry that their ship has sailed, train has left the station. Why? Well, 'cause Hispanic-white folks don't give a hoot about slavery and all that "reparations" guilt stuff that the Marxist Leftist Democrats just love.

What I think is really a bad thought but laugh-out-loud funny is that young black youth are discouraged from learning English (I do think that is bad), and the "white" man's academic stuff. Well, guess who will be learning Spanish? Olay or Olah (sp), did you see that plato blanco... No, senyor (sp)....

Some of this is going to be too much fun to miss...

Just think, we may have to ask that ballots be printed in English...

9:15 PM  
Blogger Dr.D said...

BG, I was laughing at your suggestion that white folks will benefit from affirmative action and tolerance when they become the minority. What a joke!

11:02 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Yep, I've always gotten a chuckle out of that one. I just had a "friend" ask me to borrow some money. This "friend" worked for me when I had a very bad injury this disabled me (no walking for a very long time) - that was years ago. Anyway, I don't lend money to anyone, and "friends" whom I support through taxes are even more suspect - so no, the white folks are patsies - let me hear one word about "reparations" and I'll be all over Congress like ducks on june bugs. We've paid ENOUGH.

I actually did (for fun) ask a local black college founded by white folks if I could get minority status if I became a student of this 99% black school and I was told no - I am white. And thus I learned that they don't teach math there either...

8:35 AM  
Blogger Dr.D said...

There you go, cracking me up again.

Actually, I bet I know why you did not get minority status in the local black college. I'll bet you failed to use proper ebonics in your application for minority status. You have to play by the (black) man's rules, you know!

9:10 AM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

I was working at the college writing grants so the school could get federal funding for a few programs I was particularly adept in. I called about the minority status on a lark 'cause I thought it would be funny - actually I went over to the office too just to see the expression on the young woman's face. I do have fun - I'm laughing right now remembering her wide-eyed response 'cause she didn't know what to do with this white Ph.D. who wanted to take grad. work in computer programming... I'm so terrible... poor little thing, she didn't have a chance. After her shock, she was polite in a way...

9:28 AM  

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