Friday, February 29, 2008

Rick Roberts - "I want my country back" & "The Angry White Man"

Here's to the angry white man who may hold this year's election in the palm of his hand...whoo-hoo and a strong "ooh rah". No feminist here, American men, and you know it too. I'm with you...the men on the border and the men and women defending our nation. I was a little down when I began this post but things have picked up with a look at Rick Roberts blog and two of his posts. Enjoy... It seems that Mike Huckabee and Ron Paul or perhaps Ralph Nader are the only choices we have for president of the United States - the only ones who may defend our borders and our national sovereignty. It may already be too late in the day to "save" the United States what with the open borders and the reportedly 4 billion dollars the Bush Administration has given to Mexico to defend its southern border. That figure was discussed recently on the Rick Roberts radio show out in the San Diego area. Here's a post/rant Rick did, I want my country back. Take a look or a listen...anyone feel the same way? If you like the rant, send it around the web - that's what Rick said we can do, so off we go... And one more, The Angry White Man. For me, it's really simple. The "white" man gets blamed for everything that is "not politically acceptable" in the world - in the entire freaking world - so he might as well work up a bit of anger too, right?


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