Friday, February 29, 2008

Canadian military to be used on American soil? Treaty or Agreement

Just a question - is this "creature from some swamp" between the Bush Administration and Canada calling for the use of military troops from either nation being used on the other nation's soil an agreement like the SPP highway agreement (with no input from US) designed to slice the United States apart and put more of our lives at risk OR is it a TREATY that would require approval from our Senate and House? Is this one of those times when President Bush can just say, "Let Congress eat cake, 'cause this is a done deal. The American people can just suck it up and deal with it. Oh," chuckle, "what American people? We're all American people from the tip of South America to the Arctic. Right? Yeah, right!" Is this agreement another step in the Bush North American Union or is it a TREATY which requires our representatives to vote to approve it OR is it just something tucked into the fine print of that NAFTA treaty from hell? You know, fellas, our Founding Fathers suggested that we trade with anyone we chose. They didn't think that meant giving away the nation in the process. I doubt that they would have risked their lives if they could have foreseen the "crimes" being perpetrated against the American people and our US Constitution. Would they have bothered? When he spoke of NAFTA, Ross Periot (Perot?) called it with that "great sucking sound" and Pat Buchanan has called it too. I think, unless there is a turn around, historians will note that The United States of America lasted about 200 years as a democratic republic then we turned soft as a nation what with the Clinton era of "political correctness", NAFTA, and other such momentous turning points. No, I'm not blaming "it all" on Clinton. President George W. Bush has been a very busy little bee as well protecting Iraqi borders and letting ours fold. I do think, however, that we can go farther back to FDR and the Great Depression when somehow through true hardship, we lost our way. We can also look to the damage done by the Immigration Act of 1965, designed to undermine the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and weaken the opportunity of black Americans. But the ideal is what it is; the shift from individual responsibility to everything being a "right" not a priviledge softened us up. I still have faith in us - the American people - but we'll have to work much harder than we can imagine to save our nation for all of us... We'll have to see that many of our "divisions" are man-made; that we have much more in common than the few minor things that separate us; that some leaders, elected or self-proclaimed, feed on and propogate our differences and flourish on us tearing ourselves apart, figuratively, in little "hurt feelings" dust-ups. We're better than that and we'll have to do the work to prove it; it is within us to be able to do. I don't want to count us out yet, do you?


Blogger KG said...

I'd never count out the American people--there's a greatness that resides in you that reaches far beyond partisan politics.
But what's needed in the West--not just America--are politicians with integrity and courage. And that need is urgent.
Instead of voting for what we hope is the least of the evils on offer we need to find a way to reject any politician who would give away our culture and our countries. And demand an undertaking from the others that they will honour our wishes.
But how to do that?

12:50 AM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

I don't want to count us out either but our government has done a good job of buying many of us off - making many otherwise potentially strong people dependent. Then we got rid of the draft which itself was a great melting pot that brought many people together in service to our country. This created bonds that no one could break. That means of uniting us is no longer there.

How to do that, indeed? At the moment all we have is their oath to uphold the Constitution and we see how that is working.

I don't know it the article is true but I have no reason to doubt Blue Collar Republican and anything they print.

And we have had UN forces practicing house-to-house military exercises in some cities; it just doesn't seem to have the same potential for danger that this does.

I still agree with you that it is time for a "Boston Tea Party."

6:35 AM  

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