Friday, February 29, 2008

Waco - Least we forget! April 19, 1993

Waco, Texas, February 28, 1993: the siege begins. I do not agree with the characterizations of Bush or Ashcroft in a linked post but I do agree that our government has gone far afield and has - through continued acts of violation of oaths of office and violence - used techniques upon the American people that the government would never use to defend those same Americans from the invasion we are now experiencing. See the Minuteman data and tell me that we are not a nation under siege, aided by "backroom" deals between Mexico and Canada to bring us to our knees. A people left defenseless... And so were the Branch Davidians who should have been safe in their home on private property in Waco, Texas but they were set afire and murdered by members of the government of the United States of America. I love my country and our people but we seem betrayed at every turn. These betrayals must stop. But how? Blue Collar Republican as a blog has been very good to me and I want to return the favor by linking to two posts and one link found at their blog today. The first post is BATF - February 28, 1993. We must always remember that it was under the watch of Bill Clinton and Janet Reno that 74 American men, women, and children were burned to death or otherwise killed. How horrifying for the women and children especially to see the forces of the United States marshalled against them and they with no place to go. The second post is and it contains detailed references as well as the characterizations of Bush and Ashcroft that I do not share. The second post from Blue Collar Republican is Jesus loves you in which the writer points to the incompatibility of Islam and Liberty, if we need more examples. In Waco as well as Ruby Ridge, American citizens were attacked by their own government; average citizens, citizens with no power, living their lives. But the Clinton years were years of turmoil including the kidnapping of Elian Gonzales, as you recall. But would these same tactics be used against an Islamist training camp in up-state New York? Of course not. Of all of the "1984" tactics and of all of the "clamping down" that has occurred since 9/11, due to advancing technology and citizen tolerance, the American people are under surveillance in malls, on highways, through a myriad of methods, least of which is the IRS and yet illegals are encouraged to flood our nation, to rape and kill at will, and to do much more. Where are the environmental folks screaming about the desecration of our deserts? And then there was the Oklahoma City bombing, tragic to be sure. But when have you last seen any convicted felon, Timothy McVeigh as an example, so quickly hustled off to execution? But Waco stands out; the children cry out; and the women try in vain to save them; the men are powerless before the siege. I wonder for my country - soon to be lost perhaps not with a bang but with a whimper; I wonder at the choices we have for president this year, all in lock-step with the "one world government" concept. I do question that a kangaroo rat and its nesting family has more rights and protections than an American citizen, certainly more than the men, women, and children at Waco. I worry that our federal government, both Congress and the Administrations, are planning the biggest power grab (universal health care) since Social Security numbers began to be issued, a power grab that will further enslave us and get more of us into computer databases. And then I wonder, why is it that our government seems to fear us, we the people, much more than it fears illegals who will have no qualm about bringing that same government down. To me, we are importing Islamists and folks from third-world nations who understand bloody revolution and riots, not democratic republics. President Bush says essentially "democracies don't attack each other." Maybe but what happens to the democracies when they import "cultures" so antithetical to their own that they risk being attacked from within? Got any Roman Senators we can ask? I wonder and I worry for our children and grandchildren and I question why it seems that our government wants to destroy and undermine the principles upon which our nation was founded - the paramount principle being: Liberty! I was wrong. We are not defenseless. Canadian troops will now be used on our soil! What the hell is going on, folks?


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