Saturday, March 01, 2008

Prince Harry - Al Qaeda's #1 Target

Well, here we have it straight from London, Prince Harry is Al Qaeda target because he used aggression against Muslims and fought for England. Does England have a chance to survive the ever-increasing number of Muslims in her midst? The folks who want to transform England into an Islamic Republic? Turn Sharia Law into the law of the land. One can only hope; not that Prince Harry comes to harm but that the British people come to their senses and tell the EU to take a hike and the UN to pound sand; they are keeping Jolly Old England as the nation that it has been, great and free. Can you imagine the dip in tourist trade when England becomes an Islamic Republic. I sure hope Scotland bails out fast. Would hate to see what would be left of St. Andrews Cathedral or to see Westminster Abbey in ruins. Good for Prince Harry! Maybe Prince William will suit up and join the war against the Islamic Jihad. Oh, Prince Charles won't; he'll be found dressed to the nines in his Muslim robes. Given the Royal Family's adoption of Islam, I have to wonder what all the whoop was about Princess Diana converting to Islam to marry Dodi. Well, good for Prince Harry! Maybe there is one man left in the Royal Family.


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