Saturday, March 01, 2008

B. Hussein Obama's Foreign Policy - Death to Iraqis? Nobody put the gravitas between the buns!

When I ask about "gravitas", the word used to batter President George W. Bush at every turn, I'm serious. Where is the "gravitas" in Barack Hussein Obama? Douglas V. Gibbs of Political Pistachio has two videos we must see and they are posted in one piece. They speak for themselves and they, added to B. Hussein Obama's plan to "rid the world" of nuclear weapons, are the beginnings of his "foreign policy" platform. 1) From Douglas, Barack Obama doesn't care if Iraqis are slaughtered.... President Bush weighs in with a comment about Barry's intent to mislead and confuse our allies as well as our self-proclaimed enemies when he spoke about a "foreign" policy that would certainly bring distrust from our allies. (I've lost my link to the video. It was aired this past week. If anyone knows which video has those statements, I'd appreciate the link. Thank you.) 2) And finally, from Crusader Rabbit, the snipet of B. Hussein Obama's plans to destroy nuclear weapons: Obama's plan to castrate America. In the second video from Political Pistachio, listen to the words of Ronald Reagan. We are a nation of courage and as long as we have our Bibles - both books - we can pass that courage and divine duty to each other on to our children that they may stand tall in the face of Islamic Jihad and Liberal Socialism. Someday we are going to be pushed to the wall and there will be only one way out. Let's head off Liberal Socialism before that wall gets any closer and before we have so many Americans dependent upon government that they are enslaved to the Massas who maintain offices in the big white building on the hill. This isn't an ethnic or racial thing, folks; these power mongers want to enslave us all. It makes no difference if the tether is gossamer or lead; the end of our freedoms is the same. And B. Hussein Obama's foreign policy strategy is beginning to emerge, one designed to disarm us and leave us to the mercy of our enemies which include 100 and some members of the United Nations aligned against democracy, a free world, and the United States of America.


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