Thursday, February 28, 2008

Obama to rid world of nuclear weapons!

A third-world America coming to a city near you. Hop on over to Crusader Rabbit for a view from You-Tube and Obama's plans for our military defense: Obama's plan to castrate America Well, there it is. No defense in space. Next time a degrading satellite is ready to drop on your head, don't call President Obama! And let's just scrap those missiles we have. Heck, just sell 'em to the jihadists and they won't have to work with North Korea. Me thinks Barry's lack of experience is showing... And let's go back and renew those SALT talks with Russia (and include China) so we can all get rid of all nuclear weapons. Now, that is naive...folks. Really naive. I'll bet Mad Jad and the short guy from North Korea are laughing their little selves silly. What was that word? Oh, yes - gravitas! OMG, too funny...


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