Sunday, February 10, 2008

Obama takin' Miss Hillary for a good run!

The Democrat primary is like watching "Driving Miss Daisy" only Hillary's in harness and Obama is in the driver's seat. Can't you just see her clippity-clopping along with a jaunty pink daisy bouncing in rhythm on the top of her straw hat? Well, it seems like Maine adds icing to the cake for this weekend as Barry leads Hillary with 1134 to 1131 delegates. Now, I know that is a squeaker but Barry's giving the ole girl a run for her money and her machine. On Hannity and Colmes, Dick Morris accused the ole gal of money laundering- she didn't have the 5 mil to add to her campaign for February. Seems that money may have come for her faithful hubby - who no doubt can't continue to dodge too many more crystal ashtrays. I am hardly privy to the inner workings of Democrat campaigns. I do know they pay their "volunteers" unlike the Republicans where the volunteers really are volunteers; however, it seems like Barry is gettin' a bit uppity and really leading the girl around the track, putting her through her paces. Notice that he is the one saying that they were friends when the campaign began and they will be friends when the campaign ends. Not if you win, Barry. Hillary has been a woman-scorned, never a pretty sight; and if you take away her big, fat "golden gloves" reward of the White House for putting up with Billy-Bob and all his philandering, don't be under the illusion that "ya'll will still be friends." I don't adhere to any brand of socialism - I think it demeans all of us as individuals and it also restricts us in too many ways to count here. And I certainly don't know what is going on between Barry and Hillary but it is up-lifting to hear Obama speak as a uniter. Who would believe those words if they came from Hillary's mouth? Not me... Barry seems to have the conviction of the young in that he believes what he is saying or he is certainly able to make us all believe that he believes what he is saying. Hillary may "beat" Barry in Texas, the Mexican vote will go to her; but Ohio and PA will be tough. Maybe Barry is breaking the machine. Maybe so. I cannot vote for any form of socialism - at least not that I know about; and I cannot support amnesty for folks who break our laws - but I would love to see two steamy brokered conventions. Americans have gotten soft, really soft. Our politics from the beginning has been rough and tumble, mud-slinging and dirty. We need the rough and tumble; not the whimpy voices of those such as Harry Reid. Roll up your sleeves, Americans. Make the politicians work for our trust. This Tuesday - Maryland, DC, and Virginia are going to have a go at this primary thing. Let's get out and vote. And then, in November, regardless of who the candidates are at the top of the ticket, remember there are Congressmen and Senators on those tickets, there are local issues on those tickets. Get out and vote! Don't give the presidency to anyone by default - by not showing up. Gridlock protects our liberties! Vote for your Congressman and Senators in November! And don't hold your nose! The only way to hold the president back regardless of who it might be is to vote for strong, principled, conservative Congressmen. On Tuesday, let's put our foot to the pedal and go to the polls. Let's be Americans...strong, independent, free individuals who deserve much better than we have been getting.


Blogger Rich said...

The more people see of Hillary the more Obama becomes attractive. Once people start listening to what Obama is saying behind the well presented rhetoric we will see a defection. He is the most liberal Senetor in the senate. He wants to take away so much freedom from the people and the market it is breath taking. For now, seeing Hillary get beat is fun. They are both dangerous to our freedom and National sovereinty, but for now we can hope that when people listen closer they will see the reality and danger of the current crop of Democrats...

10:52 AM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Hope you are right. In the general election battle, Obama will have to come up with more than "hope."

9:09 AM  

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