Friday, December 14, 2007

Religion of Peace, by behavior, a psychopathic ideology of death

Well, it seems final now and true that a bomb designed to kill Bhutto in Pakistan was rigged to baby. How's that for a dichotomy in belief structures that guide human behavior? You know the differences between say every major world religion and the theocratically based political ideology of, well, you know who...the guys and gals determined to kill us all and overthrow our government. Yes, the "religion of peace" has followers who, following the dictates of the Koran, strap bombs to their own living babies in order to kill other Muslims. And this is an ideology our State Department - spitting in the face of Americans and our national security - hand out visas too like winning lottery tickets. "Hey, you from Saudi! Come on in; get a good education, and marry our women converting them to Islam and having as many children as possible born into Islam from which they cannot convert on pain of death. Arafat said the Muslim women were the "breeder cows" and would win world dominance for the Caliphate just by out-producing everyone else. Having a bunch of wives/chattel helps here. And marrying American non-Muslim women helps too... I have been cautioned not to make such sweeping statements because of the "good" Muslims in the US. Well, fine BUT when push comes to shove, with whom will they side given the choice of death or submission? Just a question...


Anonymous najistani said...

Citizen Warrior's article The Terrifying Brilliance of the Islamic Memeplex (don't let the title put you off ) is one of the clearest and best analyses I have ever read on Islamic psychology and the roots of Muslim aggression. Definitely required reading for all counter-jihadists.

For further articles on Islam as a meme, see

Islam as the rabies of religions and the Islameme.

3:21 PM  
Blogger Dr.D said...

BUT when push comes to shove, with whom will they side?

There is not any question in my mind where their allegiance will lie at that point. By that time it will look like Izlam is on a roll, probably the winning side, and they will simply let their long dormant muzlim identity come out. They may have been in the US for fifty or more years, quietly soaking up the benefits of American society, but they are still muzlims and when the time comes, they will remember that fact.

This is the reason why the only solution to our problem is to deport all muzlims, every last one of them. They must be seen as a political party, not a religion, and outlawed as such. We did not allow the Communist Party to operate freely in the US. We should not allow the Muzlim Party to operate in the US for the same reasons; it seeks to overthrow the US government. It does it under the guise of religion which makes it somewhat more difficult to police, but we must see though that cover story and act accordingly. They all have to go, every last one of them!

2:18 PM  
Blogger Rich said...

I know there may be good Muslims but where are they? They are few and far between in the public eye. I question anyone that looks at the Koran and can follow it. Bad judgement I say. So when push comes to shove in the future, your question is a valid one; where will the "good" Muslims fall? I beleive if they have fallen for the "religion of peace' the answer is clear...

8:13 AM  
Blogger SimplyAlexa said...

I like what Dr D said, they should be outlawed as a political party not a religion because we all know deep down where their allegiance will turn in the moment of truth. Yes, they lived here and absorbed all the nice liberties of our society but they will always be and have their true identity and send us packing if they can.

10:34 AM  

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