Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Channon and Christopher - a few comments

The following two comments from my post seemed appropriate to publish here. The commenters speak to several items in what I perceive as a marked suspension of believe and confidence in our governmental agencies at all levels who are funded by our taxes to protect us and bring justice to our streets. The people who pay the taxes are being abandoned to their fate in many cases, abandoned by those sworn to protect our nation from the Executive Branch all the way down... From Dr. D:
As we all know, nice young white couples are dime a dozen and really don't count for much at all as far as the Left is concerned. They are certainly of little value compared to black thugs playing on a high school football team despite having prior police records. And they certainly don't matter compared to an arab terrorist who would cheerfully kill hundreds of Americans given the opportunity but who is now suffering some small indignity or inconvenience. No, the Left definitely has its priorities. The problem is that the priorities of the Left are all oriented toward the destruction of American as we have known it. In regard to the comment from Crusader Rabbit, there is a fourth enemy in this battle. The fourth enemy is the invading Hispanics who want to take over the American southwest. The Left and PC are working strongly to support the Mexicans, and we can fairly well assume that there are muzlims coming in across that undefended border as well. These Mexicans see themselves not as Spanish, they deny any association with a European country. They see themselves as descendants of American Indians and therefore as the original owners of all of America. They don't recognize the Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo (most seem to have never heard of it) and they claim that Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, and part of Colorado belong to them and they are going to take it back. These Mesican invaders breed like jack rabbits and they are completely without conscience in terms of taking what they have not earned. Our Leftist government does not deal with these folks in an effective manner at all, so they are encouraged to come ahead. To return to your original topic, the way that this horrific and clearly racially oriented attack has been ignored by the press is clear evidence of an agenda in the MSM that is controlled by the Left. This should have been in the national news immediately and it has had almost no coverage at all which is a great shame. This fine young couple deserve much better than that. We must preserve their memory and we must seek real justice for their attackers, real justice that is no slap on the wrist! 7:32 PM
From Joe B.:
As I wrote on my blog about the The Untold Story a few months back about this horrific story, I just can't believe how very little media attention it received. If the roles were reversed, you could be damn sure that the justice brothers would have been outside the courthouse whoring it up for the main stream media cameras every single day since it happened. Coincidentally enough since the story did not fit into the liberal media's agenda driven views on what makes a big story, very few people have actually heard about this horror.
The story is not for the weak, so please read it with full knowledge of the horrors Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom endured. When Al Sharpton of Tawana (sp) fame shouts racism, ask him about Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom...


Anonymous Aryan Awakening said...

We blew this story out from deep freeze right into CNN's lap .. (see link )they could not hide the fact that the main stream media has refused to touch this story because if they did, they would have to admit that a tsunami of black on white racial attacks are going on in AmeriKwa!

11:37 PM  

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