Saturday, November 10, 2007

Musharraf: Help him or get out of his way!

Recently, President Bush, Commander and Chief of the world's most powerful - and seriously under-used - military told President Musharraf to ditch the uniform and resign as a general of the Pakistani military. Let me get this right. The U.S. military is nominally under "civilian" rule and the Commander and Chief wears a suit. But Musharraf wears two uniforms - a general's uniform AND a 'civilian" commander's suit. Either way, Musharraf is the Commander and Chief of the Pakistani military. Musharraf known variously as President or General. First must come stability then liberty and freedom as it did in the early days of the United States of America. And by the way, folks who are voting for Sharia Law are NOT voting for democracy - the two are mutually incompatible. Musharraf doesn't need my advice but I say, 1) get Bhutto out of Pakistan, 2) continue to clamp down on militants with emergency controls, 3) carpet bomb or otherwise level any and all of Northwest Pakistan to rid the nation of the cancer that is Islamic militancy. [No need to take orders from the US as we are letting Islamist training centers develop and expand in the US, creating pockets of Islamic militancy here at home. Good grief! Can anyone say Red House, Virginia or Islamberg, NY?] And 4) suggest that President Bush clean up his own "invasion", write an executive order repealing NAFTA, and stay out of Musharraf's way. The United States seems to have been sold like a cheap whore by pimping Congress and "you know who". Too bad Jimmy has no more canals to give away. And bin Laden - don't sweat the small stuff. Let him die in a cave or wherever, just don't make a martyr out of him and stop airining his effeminate speeches across the globe. By the way, where's Russia in all this Islamic militancy as in funding? Just exactly how many nations are funding the Islamic militants/terrorists and fighting the US by proxy: Venezeula, Iran, Russia, Syris, the Islamic Republics of Europe... Hillary "cries" that the boys are piling on 'cause she's a girl. She doesn't know what "piliing on" is and we are considering crowning her with the presidency and putting her finger on the nuclear button? Musharraf - like all of us - is not perfect but he's the one with his boots on the ground and his life on the line. I say help him stabilize his country or get out of his way. Oh, wait; maybe Secretary Rice can call the shots - micromanage - the events in Pakistan as she is rumored to have done in steps that recently brought brave Israeli soldiers home from Lebanon in defeat, bolstering Hezbollah to the north and Hamas to the south. Go Team Bush - you refuse to provide safety for your own citizens beset by millions of illegals from around the world breaking our laws and raping us literally and figuratively but arrogantly tell our one ally what to do to save his own nation not to mention his life. Step up to the plate, support our friends, or kindly be quiet. Please...


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