Monday, October 29, 2007

Islamofascism Awareness at Berkeley?

At the University of California at Berkeley where "freedom of speech" was once touted as the goal, people with differing views are shouted down. A lady who is an American of Arab ancestry was shouted down and ridiculed by the "freedom of speech" loving and intellectually / ideologically diverse student body of UC - Berkeley. Here are several links you might find interesting: Muslims Against Sharia; Nonie Darwish speaking at Berkeley and the brown-shirted, anti-American rude people shouting her down; and the manifesto of Muslims Against Sharia found here, the first goal is stated thus: "to educate Muslims about dangers presented by Islamic religious texts and why Islam must be reformed." I come down pretty hard on Islam, Islamists, and such and therefore it is equally important that I provide alternative links when possible. The occasion of Nonie Darwish's presentation at Berkeley was Islamofascism Awareness Week. She was called racist which is funny on its face as Islam is not distinguished by "race" but by ideology. The event - Islamofascism Awareness Week - defines the threat that the United States and Western Civilization face from the tyranny of Islamofascism or Islamic Imperialism. The event is an attempt to spotlight the tyranny of radical Islam in America and to encourage Americans to speak out. Well, there is no freedom of speech at Berkeley and UC- Berkeley has been awared The Dhimmi Award, our Lady Liberty draped in a white veil. Click on the award icon to be taken to Nonie Darwish at Berkeley where you can see the real fascism on our college campuses today, the bastions of diversity of ethnicity devoid of diversity in intellectual debate. Students scream of the fascism of America in anti-American rants, this freedom accorded to them in a nation that allows them their hatred and their ability to stifle dissent and debate. Try that in Saudi Arabia. Parents, you may want to consider taking your children out of Berkeley if you want them to earn an education. As Nonie said (I paraphrase)"...the presentation - Islamofascism Awareness Week - is about an ideology of violence and hatred...that has been spread to America..." by guess who? At Berkeley, students shout down speakers...give the "Hitler" salute of the Nazis that would make Hitler proud and wear the hoods/head coverings of the peace-loving folks who beheaded Nicholas Berg. Radical students will not allow freedom of speech or freedom of intellectual discourse! Watch the video! Note: I have to modify my stance here. I was incorrect and appreciate the clarification from Muslims Against Sharia. Nonie Darwish was accorded no respect and no freedom of speech. She was intimidated and shouted down proving that Islamofascism and Islamist terrorism are all about an ideology of "violence and hatred" that wants to enslave the world.


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