Monday, November 05, 2007

William & Mary's Little Red Book - Mao Pride

Mao with his little Red Book and his indocrtination or re-education camps would be proud of the fall that The College of William and Mary has taken under the current leadership. The Constitution of the United States is remarkable for many reasons but most notably, in its brevity. Freedom of speech and freedom of religion must not be abridged. A college campus is supposed to be open to a diversity of ideas; free-wheeling discussions; college kids learning to be grown-ups; not dictated to by administrative people who have never grown up and arguably fear diverse opinions much preferring lock-step babbling in sync. The traditions of The College of William and Mary and its Christian heritage have recently been under attack by the current administration - the Wren Cross put under glass due to the power it has over people... Now, enter the Bias Reporting System. Most likely the first bias report form should be filled out and directed at Nichol and the Board of Directors regarding the Wren Cross and the Wren Chapel. Mao would be proud; he attempted to dictate every facet of a person's life. Now, the president, Board of Directors, and administrative personnel at the once great College of William and Mary are embarking upon an attempt to curtail any genuine discussion among students in the name of bias. If you disagree with someone else's point of view - blamo - bias... Here are a few links; all recommended in their entirety: Speech Code Issues Powerline by Paul Mirengoff, Esq. William van Alstyne in The Volokh Conspiracy Bottom line is this: tyranny and intimidation are tyranny and intimidation whether from a college administration or an elected administration. I am very biased: I like Hondas over Buicks; I like baked potatoes instead of mashed; I like small dogs for pets instead of large dogs. I like the free exchange of ideas within college classrooms. Seems the president of The College of William and Mary enjoyed his "win" over God and the Cross and now is going after more temperal goals such as open and honest discussion among students. I am a graduate from the College of William and Mary. Fortunately, we enjoyed freedom of speech during my tenure as a graduate student; actually, freedom of speech was encouraged; the free exchange of ideas, the diversity of thought - how else could we learn from each other except under the blanket of freedom provided by our US Constitution and ensured by our Marines who stand watch and say, as in the movie, A Few Good Men, "not on my watch." Take a pill, BoD and chill-out. Our students, our young people have serious issues to discuss, ones we have been forced to evade but ones you will leave right at their doorstep. Leave our students alone, let this disagree with each other in the last environment they may have for such open discussions. I'm not certain but it looks like "diversity" at The College of William and Mary is code for non-white. Hmmm... I don't know where white students can receive a "fair" and good education today but I beseech all parents to search for schools and universities that stress diversity of ideas. Skin color does not equal diversity of ideas.


Anonymous AJY '86 alum said...

Agreed. Another 'solution' in search of a problem.

10:08 AM  
Blogger W&MGrad said...

I, too, am a W&M grad and it appears that the school I once attended no longer exists.

4:17 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Thank you for stopping by and making a comment. I attended The College of William and Mary with pride and a certain - absolute - knowledge of accomplishment. When I later went on to earn a Ph.D. from a major university, as I entered their program, all of my course work from William and Mary was accepted, no questions asked - so good was the reputation.

It is an embarrassment to see how low nichol's and the BOV have brought an institution which even Thomas Jefferson was proud to have attended so much so that he named his attendence there as one of his three greatest achievements - one of three out of all he gave to our nation.

I am heartened by two things - 1) a group of former students are working hard to re-assert the excellence of the college and 2) things seem to go in cycles so perhaps time and heritage will win out once again.

I feel sorry and ashamed on behalf of current students who are learning that "diversity" does not mean the exchange of ideas, but the display of "sex acts" in a "play" that some were forced to attend; that diversity means removing a cross from a Christian Chapel; that diversity means the tone of a person's skin and the conformity of his ideas to follow the herd are somehow badges of "education" more like re-indoctrination - not The College of William and Mary we knew and from which we graduated.

As we enter this our national time of Christmas and all that the time is meant to convey, may you and your family have a Blessed Christmas independent of your faith and may you enjoy the quiet of that most sacred day. I always enjoy a walk on Christmas Day because of the quiet of the day when - at least where I am - the entire world seems to pause and "hush" itself.

The College of William and Mary will reassert itself - its heritage and greatness cannot be snuffed out by the will of one man who is as dust, as are we all. The essence of The College of William and Mary will prevail.

I'll try to give some links to other sites what will help other grads get involved. One site is Save the Wren Cross - It is older but has some good info there.

4:45 AM  

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