Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Democrat Primary 2008 - puffballs for Hillary!

Democrat Primary 2008, crawling into slavery on the lowest of human frailties - class envy and a willingness on the part of some Americans to let others pay their way! Dispicable and talk about lowering one's self-esteem... With a few exceptions, it seems as though the men running for the Democrat nomination for President are not seriously opening up on Hillary as they would on a male counterpart. Although they did "try". Democratic debaters target Hillary, it is still the double-standard where "boys are not supposed to make girls cry or hurt their feelings." Come on, guys! You can't make Hillary cry! The best you can hope for is to make her "mad" then we get to see her true colors. There is a difference between "political correctness" which is double-speak for censorship and the feminization of our men that some women are trying to inflict on our men by castrating them in peace and in war. Boys, you'd better take off the gloves before it is too late. I have said from the beginning that HIllary could not and cannot stand up to a withering, blistering, no-holds-barred, rough and tumble campaign as men are wont to wage against each other. Obama's great act of defiance seems to be to insult all of us be removing the flag of the United States lapel pin from his suit jacket. And as for the rest, I watched some of the "debate" last night and was rather surprised to see that the "gals" have emasculated the men on the Left as effectively as they have the men on the Right. Hillary may be the Democrat nomination for President but it will be a sad day for the United States in general and for the Donks (coined by Mr. Minority) in particular. No Trumans in that bunch, just people who encourage "class envy" and Marxism - from each according to his means (read: from the sweat of his brow and the hard work of his endeavors) to each according to his needs (read: voting your hard-earned money from your pocket and food from the mouths of your children into the mouths of those who do not contribute anything to our society other than votes that are bought) - and violate the most precious of our tenet of the rights of the individual to the pursuit (not equal outcome regardless of effort) of life, liberty, and happiness earned for himself as a working member of our society. No, Hillary has it easy! She is coasting to her Coronation and, if we the people elect her as our President, we will be one giant step farther along into the chains of slavery. Remember, a government that does everything for you, can and will do anything to you...and to your loved ones. I said long ago that "they", the elected politicians and the elite, untimately determine just how many TVs and cars you will be allowed to own. How? By taxing you and giving your money to those who do not earn for themselves. Under Democrat rule, success is punished, and shirkers are rewarded. And this "universal" healthcare - the carrot dangled infront of the very brutal and merciless stick in the form of government bureaucrats who will determine if your beloved grandparent, or disabled loved one is deemed worthy of medical care and therefore life. Mark my words: When government provides health care from cradle-to-grave and dictates the most intimate of your daily decisions, that same government can and will rationalize the notion that euthanasia - killing of citizens for the good of the whole - is good for the economy to keep "costs" down. It has already been done through abortion of demand - killing of our unborn under the guise of a "woman's right to choose". How about choosing birth control? The government health care carrot - picture Death in his black robes - will be the death knell for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. "Cradle-to-grave" as a political ideology is just as tyrannical and oppressive as the political ideology of Islam today in its oppression of women and non-Muslims. This is a real-world, up-to-date analogy worth looking at. We already have "no smoking" laws even to include within your own home on the front burner; we have seatbelt laws that give police cause to search your cars; we will soon have laws putting your DNA, et al, on your Real ID; and we currently have the centralization of all of your medical records being put into a national data base - no privacy between you and your doctor. How much privacy and choice do you think you'll have with government-managed health care? And how long do you think you'll have to wait for treatment even if some bureaucrat armed with a procedures manual gives doctors permission to treat your condition? No, no hardballs for Queen Hillary! Just foam-rubber or cotton puff balls so as not to ruffle the "girl" up too much. And worse, it seems that women as a group will vote for her because she is anatomically a "girl". Mercy... Maybe only folks who actually pay taxes or have paid taxes should be allowed to vote... And maybe only folks whose hard-earned money is confiscated should be allowed to vote for the folks who will determine how that man's money is spent. It is basically "unfair" for one man to be able to vote money out of another man's pocket without the latter having a serious say about it...or the former not having contributed a dime to the coffers over his life-time.


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