Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Jed Babbin: In the words of our enemies

Jeb Babbin's book, In the words of our enemies, deserves our attention and needs to be taught in our schools. Babbin has compiled the words spoken by those sworn to destroy us and our way of life: a way of life that enables a political ideology to grow and develop in our midst as a "religion" with schools and mosques being funded by Saudia Arabia. Hatred of us and violence toward our Western Civilization are key. But it is not only "infidels" that have reason for concern. Muslims who are considered apostates have reason for concern too and some have banded together to work within Islam to bring about change. One such group is Muslims against Sharia. We cannot afford to dance around the issue of Fundamentalist / Wahabbist / Sunni / Salifi Islam strung up in the grappling hooks of "political correctness." To me, until Christian churches and schools along with Jewish schools and synagogues are being built in Saudia Arabia, we must demand that mosques and Islamic schools funded by Saudi Arabia be banned from our nation. This is not a matter of "freedom of religion." We are allowing and nurturing the establishment of Wahabbi beach-heads, colonies to rise up amongst us in which hatred and violence against us are taught as the norm. Read the Koran and you don't have to read very far to learn that we are to be conquered and killed by the sword or enslaved with taxes and such to support Islam. I believe that Islam must be reformed from within but I don't believe that particular "battle" needs to be waged on European or North American soil. One reason is that we are so enslaved to "political correctness" and "multiculturalism" that reforms if possible in Islam at all would not occur within our cultures but would rather result in Muslims becoming another one of hundreds of "victim" groups. I believe Muslims seeking true reform of Islam need and deserve better than that "victim" label. CAIR is working to inflict that label upon all Muslims living in America and that label only serves to create animosities toward the newly annointed "victims", it does not lead to equality or to the environment for reform in Islam. See also here to learn of efforts by some Muslims who are Americans of Arabic ancestry to bring the awareness of Islamofascism to American college campuses. So far the success rate seems bleak as campus "fascists" are winning with tactics used by Hitler and his Brownshirts. There is no freedom of speech and exchange of ideas on some of our most reknown college campuses. Not a good sign for reform or enlightenment...


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