Friday, November 02, 2007

Just when you thought World War II was over...

Just when you thought World War II was over, Germany's leadership, Foreign Minister, trots out the idea of an international military force for Palestine... Envoy touts action plan for Palestinians Brussels, the EU, the UN, and international military force... Good grief! Hitler must be having serious feelings of under-achievement, bouts of depressive low self-esteem, and fits of "Why didn't I think of that?" Of course, Hitler was horrific, no doubt about it, but with the way the EU has gobbled up formerly strong, independent European nations... Well, European nations are destroying themselves. Who would have thought it would have been so easy? With no national identity, it is easy for a "foreign" ideology to fill the vacuum. It is happening in the US too, just a few different players and not just one. But back to the Middle East...and PEACE. The only thing Arab Muslims like better than getting something over on each other is getting something over on the kuffars, infidels, non-Muslims - that would be US. Stop the shuttle "diplomacy" - if not from common sense, then stop it for the "environment", for goodness sake. Aside from the "hot air", just list all the planet's resources that have been and are being WASTED on Middle Eastern peace "talks." If we just said, "Hey, these Middle Eastern peace talks are crap. We're outta here," I'll bet we'd cut carbon emissions by 70%, save kazillions of trees, reduce the price of oil, and lower everyones' blood pressure. No "peace" will exist in the Middle East until Israel just cleans everyone's clocks and says - "This land is our land and we're keeping it. Period. Okay, so Winston Churchill and others carved up the Middle East on table napkins. Not our fault, take it up with Russia and Britain, France and your other "friends" in the Islamic Republics of Europe. We have been here for thousands of years, the Arab Muslims used to be Christians before the days of the Prophet, pbuh, so all you whinners get a life, work hard, improve your own miserable conditions. We offered to provide a sewage system with running water. Arafat said no; he let you live in squalor. Give us a break and on this "land for peace" thing - forget about it!" The only thing our "envoys" can hope to gain from diplomacy regarding Middle East Peace Talks is whiplash...


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