Tuesday, July 03, 2007

S.1639, the Senate Judiciary - who voted against America's workers, America's poor, and America's minority workers

A number of "perks and benefits" bills addressing illegal aliens and jobs to under-cut the American worker have been referred, S.1639 and her ugly step-sisters, over the past several years to the Senate Judiciary Committee for the 110th Senate/Congress. I decided to take a look at how these committee members voted on the cloture vote to end debate on the "amnesty bill" S.1639. A "NAY" vote on cloture, June 28, 2007, was a vote for the American worker, for national sovereignty, for English as our common language, and for our American culture. Bottom line, we just can't give up. Further skulduggery is lurking to pounce on us at any time. At least, unlike S. 1639, some bills are in committee. Senate Judiciary Committee - 110th Congress: YEA - Patrick J. Leahy - CHAIRMAN, D-VERMONT YEA - Edward M. Kennedy - D-MASSACHUSETTS * YEA - Arlen Specter - RANKING MEMBER, R-PENNSYLVANIA (Republican) YEA - Joseph R. Biden, Jr. - D-DELAWARE (up for re-election 2008) YEA - Herb Kohl - D-WISCONSIN YEA - Dianne Feinstein - D-CALIFORNIA * YEA - Jon Kyl - R-ARIZONA (Republican) YEA - Russell D. Feingold - D-WISCONSIN YEA - Charles E. Schumer - D-NEW YORK * YEA - Lindsey Graham - R-SOUTH CAROLINA (Republican) (up for re-election 2008) YEA - Richard J. Durbin - D-ILLINOIS (up for re-election 2008) YEA - Benjamin L. Cardin - D-MARYLAND YEA - Sheldon Whitehouse - D-RHODE ISLAND NAY - Orrin G. Hatch - R-UTAH NAY - Charles E. Grassley - R-IOWA NAY - Jeff Sessions - R-ALABAMA NAY - John Cornyn - R-TEXAS NAY - Sam Brownback - R-KANSAS NAY - Tom Coburn - R-OKLAHOMA The Senators - both Democrats and Republicans(*) who voted YEA - who voted against American Workers, America's poor, and America's minority workers are the ones who have you in their "hip pocket", expect your vote while at the same time they work to make you dependent upon them and upon government handouts. You are better than that. In November 2008, vote NO on the Senators up for re-election who voted against you.

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Blogger Steve Harkonnen said...

Where was Jon Kyl's brain when he voted on this????

1:02 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Either up his sombero or tucked nicely under his terrorist's turban. Who knows for sure?

We fought the same darn thing last year, it was S.2611 and HR. 4437 in the 109th Congress. The bills never went to conference.

3:24 PM  

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