Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Is Saudi money funding terrorists?

The Center for Vigilant Freedom and the 910 Blog are developing into an excellent resource on the Islamists' implementation of their Twenty-Year Plan: Islam Targets America. H/T to Christine of the Center for Vigilant Freedom. Saudi Terrorists' Funding and Banking is coming to a bank near you and mosques play a large role in providing "front" locations for "tithing" to support the violent jihad being waged against us. Shariah Finance on Wall Street and NAIT on Main Street is worth the time. Our nation is being "attacked" on all sides by Islamists and not all of the attacks are through bombs and terrorists' plots. Saudi Arabia is actively sponsoring "front" groups set up as 501(c)(3), tax-exempt organizations that foment hatred against us and our democratic republic. The Bush Adminstration has capitulated to Islamists in the Middle East and here, Bush Administration & Muslim Brotherhood, Together At Last - Bush's True Legacy to the USA, at home as well. Here are related articles/posts that link the subversive nature of Saudi funding: Saudi funding Islamic Society of North America Muslim Charities: Moderate Non-profits or Elaborate Deceptions. According to Christine, the North American Islamic Trust (NAIT) "owns between 50 and 80 percent of North American mosques and was raided in 2002 by the U.S. Treasury's "Operation Green Quest" for suspected involvement with terrorist financing." ALERT: From Daniel Pipes' Middle East Forum, "The North Atlantic Islamic Trust is a Saudi/Wahhabist funding source which finances the majority of Islamic organisations and mosques in the US. NAIT was established in 1971 by the Muslim Student Association on the U.S. and Canada, which bills itself as the precursor to the ISNA, now the largest member of the Wahhabi lobby...." The Islamists' declared war against us is one apace with our fight against illegal alien amnesty and the war has many fronts. As you invest in the stock market, make certain to check on those mutual funds and ensure that they are not investments that end up cycling your hard-earned dollars into funds controlled by "terrorist-funding" sources.


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