Thursday, June 28, 2007

S.1639 - American people go to the mats and WIN

Today is a great day for the American people and for our democratic republic. Today, through phone calls and e-mails and letters, many of our Senators heard us and answered the call. The call for what - for an "open congress", for validation of the "rule of law", and for the elected officials to honor their sworn oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America. Today, I say to you, my fellow citizens and our citizen-statesmen in the Senate who voted against the "motion to cut off debate," Happy Birthday! Happy 4th of July! We can go into our Fourth of July Celebration knowing that we have seen the "voice of the people" ring true and clear across the land. We want border control and security. We want integrity in government. We want the fence built. We want illegal alien criminals and terrorists deported, and we want illegal aliens to be deported or to return to their nations of origin. Period. To the illegal aliens, leave on your own and then, if you want to come back, to become Americans without hyphens, go to an American Consulate and apply. You and you alone can put the "coyotes" who rape your women out of business; you can bankrupt the drug cartels who use you to smuggle drugs into this nation; you can restore security to the border that would be yours by following the law and coming here to become an American. Further, when you come here legally, you can demand a fair wage for your hard work from the billionaire businessmen who would have you as "slaves." To the American people, we defeated "secrecy" and "duplicity" in our government. We and our statesmen-Senators said, loud and clear, NO to back room deals. Patrick Henry said, "Give me liberty or give me death!" Today, the American people said, "Give us our nation back; enforce the rule of laws on the books; and give us openness in the legislative process or we will revolt." Today, we saw a "non-violent" revolution to overthrow "facism", tryanny, and to overthrow those who would sell our nation. Believe it or not, the American people fought facism today and won. We the American people said, "NO to the North American Union." We screamed in the deafening silence of the internet, "NO to the loss of our sovereignty." Enjoy your hard-won victory and know that the "turn-coat" bastards who violate their sacred oath of office will be coming at us again - but we will prevail. We still have the Elections of 2008, 2010, and 2012 - to reinforce our will. They scream for bi-partisanship! Well, we gave it to them! Today, 37 Republicans, 15 Democrats, and 1 Independent stood firm against the juggernaut of the Kennebunkport Presidency, the Massachusetts Dynasty, and the most powerful Senators in the world. The "little mouse that roared" won!

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