Thursday, June 28, 2007

Bush Administration bows to Muslim Brotherhood?

Today, many of our Senators heard us and know we want reform - not partisanship. We want reform not capitulation to racist groups such as La Raza and others. We want statesmen on the issue of illegal migration, not panderers! And we sure as hell don't want to be blamed for opposing a sorry, P.O.S. legislation. And while we focused on illegal aliens, the Bush Administration, albeit behind "tough" words, conferred "legitimacy" on the Muslim Brotherhood and its Islamist front groups by naming an envoy to the world's diplomatic body of Muslim States, the Organization of the Islamic Conference (a body of 57 member countries). Christine says it better and describes the capitulation to radical Islam in her post, Bush Administration & Muslim Brotherhood, Together At Last - Bush's True Legacy to the USA. Please read the linked news articles and a moderate Muslim's rebuttal: When will we learn? by M. Zuhdi Jasser. I thought we already had a special envoy to Muslim States through our Ambassador to the United Nations. Silly me! Di-Fi (Senator Diane Feinstein d-CA) and others yap about bringing the Fairness Doctrine back to life to "stick it to" talk radio even in the face of Reid's chicanery ending the freedom of speech of our Senators. Well, "Bring it on!" How about the Fairness Doctrine for moderate Muslims and others? The American people are gonna get our Senators to rise to statesmen to protect our borders, and to secure our freedom of speech in the face of any arrogant tyrants who what to shut us up! The administration tried to shut us up through strong-armed arrogance; the Senate Majority Leader Reid tried to shut up our Senators and did "kill" the paltry number of amendments he even allowed on the floor. The American people will not be silenced. Our Senators know we are patriots and want good legislation! Not legislation that is deemed even by its supports as "this is as good as you're gonna get." We've been living on sloppy seconds for a long time. We deserve better but it is up to us to elect "statesmen." And on the Fairness Doctrine - see it for what it really is: the denial of freedom of speech guaranteed under the US Constitution and anti-capitalism and free enterprise. Liberal talk radio just doesn't sell. Oh, by the way, didn't Hugo Chavez just implement his version of the "fairness doctrine" in Venezuela recently? The Fairness Doctrine is political tyranny; it erodes our freedoms and silences us. Don't let it happen! Our voices were heard on S.1639 but we must remain ever vigilant! The enemy of our democratic republic is, both within and without.

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