Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Will CAIR sue to stop "DVD Profiling" in alleged Muslim plot to attack Fort Dix?

Will CAIR sue to stop "DVD Profiling" in case of 6 Muslims held in plot to kill American soldiers at Fort Dix? In a case tailor-made for CAIR in their seeming assertion that any strategy used in "protecting America and Americans from death at the hands of terrorists" is somehow anti-Muslim and discriminatory against all those oppressed foot-washing taxi drivers and imams, the plot uncovered by federal law enforcement and reported by Jerry Seper in 6 held in plot to hit Fort Dix deserves a look. In a case ripe with possibilities for extortion, who knows, maybe DVD profiling could be the next great "extortion" plan. Maybe there's gold in "them thar DVDs!" Who knows exactly how many "sit-ins" can be funded by our own dollars paid out through absurd lawsuits filed to "right wrongs" that are created by the "victims" themselves. We all know of the "flying imams" and Frank J. Gaffney, Jr. wrote of common sense and prudent directions in "Does" guard which is well worth a read and goes to the heart of the frivolity and imaturity of the CAIR suit against airline passengers and crew, not to mention "deep pocket" airlines. [Wrongo, there CAIR. The airlines lost their "deep pockets" on 9/11.] If you want to hear and read for yourself what CAIR plans for the strategy in the flying imams case, see CAIR's Strategy to win the 6 imams case. Also another post worth your time is A Passenger's Right to Survive. See Vigilant Freedom Blog. [I've been busy analyzing the transcripts but you might find that fun for yourself. How many times can an organization trying to increase membership and paint Muslims in American as oppressed invoke the name of Rosa Parks and not be laughed right out of town. The insult to American blacks and whites as well as Muslims just working and supporting their families is astonishing and shameful.] In this war against Islamic terrorists, each American citizen has a "citizen's right and responsibility" to make any authority aware of suspicious behavior by anyone boarding an airplane, taking extensive pictures of reservoirs, air fields, highway overpasses, skylines, electricity-generating dams. Now while it may be true that all Muslims are not terrorists; proof just keeps on building that ALL terrorists are Muslims, "home grown" or imported. If our government is just so all-fired intent on winning this "war on terror" and maintaining "national security", just exactly why are any Muslims from any nation, and especially "terror-supporting" nations, being allowed into the United States at this time? Let me close with the very appropriate words of Eljvir Duka, one of the alleged plotters in the plan to "attack" Fort Dix. Perhaps we should take his words to heart and apply them ourselves, for our own survival - non-violently, of course, such as enforcing our immigration laws and denying visas to anyone at all from terrorist-sponsoring nations. From Seper's news article: "Eljvir Duka, according to the complaint, was recorded as saying: "At the end, when it comes to defending your religion, when someone is trying attacks your religion, your way of life, then you go jihad." Again it is the old canard, "We'll attack your Twin Towers, et al, and when you defend yourselves, the we'll shout we are the victims. You are attacking our religion." Same ploy that CAIR is using with the 'flying, self-initiated victim, imams.' And I say, "Bull crap!" But on a gentler note, I say, "Well, old son, if your so-called religion will leave us alone, we'll leave you alone. How about that for a plan? No? Don't be surprised if one day we get really grumpy." You see, to the radical Islamists, their "religion" is their culture - part and parcel of the State/the government. We refuse to take them seriously. We, as a people, continue to drift in our ambivalence and denial - a dangerous and poisonous mix. What if the Muslim terrorists attack a school; what if these 6 had been successful in attacking a military base here in the United States? What if they had brought the Kobalt Towers to us? Would we take them seriously then? Will we finally accept what they are screaming at us to "hear", that they are dedicated to destroying our way of life? When will we take the threat of organizations such as CAIR against our collective freedoms seriously? When will we understand that the imposition of Sharia (Islam) Law upon us spells death? Islam has a political/ideological side set to re-make and re-shape our nation. Just look at the legislation sponsored by John Conyers on behalf of Islam. Where are the congressmen defending the "rights" of Christians, Jews, Hindus? Can't find any? Hmmm... But wait for the CAIR suit against "DVD profiling" coming to a locality near you!


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