Friday, May 11, 2007

Muslim veils burned in Somalia - Somebody has a brain!

Muslim veils burned in Somalia. Don't look now but it seems somebody has a brain! Not in America, of course, where our leaders are much too busy groveling and kissing the robes, feet, behind of those who would enslave us, or at the very least do us bodily harm. Does the Ft. Dix hit come to mind? Why am I bitter about our stupidity? Can't help it. I escaped the demise of our public educational system. I learned to read and write. Didn't learn "spelling" very well, so forgive! Well, the Somalian government seems to know what it is talking about. Where we apologize - practice being apologists in our oh-so perfect multicultural world - the Somalian military forces are burning the veils of Muslim women. Finally, someone who knows the threat and is doing something about it: Somali forces ban, burn Muslim women's veils. Why forgoodness sake? Because they know that the Islamist men - superior in every way to everyone - hide under the veils and burkas of Muslim women in order to attack innocents. I have added three cites to my sidebar that I hope you will visit: Jihad Watch, Dhimmitude, Islam 101, and Terrorism Awareness Project. I must also mention Stop the Project which delineates Islamic leaders plan to overthrow the nation/government of the United States of America. Yes, Virginia, in your lifetime.


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