Friday, May 11, 2007

Milan Crucifixes come down - Dhimmitude, thy name is disgrace!

And you say it can't happen to you. H/T to West Carolina Report for citing the article, Milan hospital removes crucifixes to please Muslims. Dhimmitude sounds so reasonable. In Milan, the Muslims are offended by the crucifixes on the hospital walls in a Catholic country. The Muslims don't like any imagery, you see. The Catholics like their crucifixes and I admit, I find the crucifix comforting from time to time. The Muslims have, however, given permission for statues of the Virgin Mary to be put on the walls (for now). So, Christ comes down and Mary goes up. Christ goes into a closet in the Wren Chapel in Williamsburg and comes out in a glass case. Anyone see a pattern emerging? Wake up Americans! This is how it works. One day it is taxi drivers going nuts-oh about whom they'll carry and whom they won't; then it's foot-washing stations at public expense for "religious" practice. Then it's the flying imams and CAIR invoking the name of Rosa Parks, equating the open tolerance and acceptance of Muslims to our segregationist era. My God, what would Oriana Fallaci say to this? Who in Italy will shout out, "I spit on you!"? May she rest in peace now that she doesn't have to see this denigration of her so beloved nation. For whom does the bell toll? For all of us duped and raped by the multiculturalists teaching that all cultures are morally equivalent. Shame on them for trashing our culture and shame on us for letting them. Can't anyone else in America drive a taxi except a guy from Somalia? A Somalian Muslim shot a Catholic nun in the back for God's sake over cartoons. Do you see citizens of Western nations colonizing Islamic nations or regions? Not a chance but maybe we need to re-think that.


Blogger MK said...

Greetings BG, I hope you are well.

I often wonder, when I hear of these BG, how far do we have to be pushed before we say enough!!!

7:41 AM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Greetings, my friend. I don't know when we will say "Enough is enough!" I fear - really - that we will not say it soon enough and when we do, the result will be far worse than an early dose of medicine would have been.

I am struggling with how to get the message out, how to name my posts to reach my fellow Americans and I just can't figure it out. Are those in the Western World simply asleep? In America, I fear we are yoked to our jobs and our debts and simply - as fine as we may be - don't care beyond the next pay check.

Our government controlled schools are failing our students from K-12 all the way through graduate school. I heard a professor say at a graduate ceremony that we had left the planet in bad shape and we are looking for the younger folks to repair the damage we have done. I almost stood up and screamed - you bleeding Socialist!

If you can figure out a way that I can use to get the message out of the threat we face, please, let me know! Thank you, BG

8:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A PROMISE UNKEPT SPEAKS LOUDER THAN A PROMISE NOT MADE AND SMELLS MUCH WORSE WITH AGE - Below is a an exchange between you and me regarding a post about ... "The Usual Suspects." It's several weeks old, and if you responded, I missed it.

"Beach Girl - Could you please be more specific about constitutional violations by the Democrats - with, a least, a modicum of intellectual curiosity and honesty?
8:12 AM
Beach Girl said...
Anon, I'll give it a try. It has to do with the separation of powers, et al. I was a tired beach girl when I posted that - no excuse but let me get back to that in the next day or hour or so. I will. Your request is fair. Your request is on my list and I'll go no deeper than the Constitution.

It will be painful to waste any intellectual curiosity on the Usual Suspects but I'll try. Oh, what a delightfully exacting task master you are!"

9:36 AM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Anon, thanks for the reminder. I believe your answer can be found in The Logan Act.

Ms. Pelosi went to Syria against the direct request of our president in a time of war. She engaged in negotiations with the Syrian president - a known supporter of terrorists. She also was trying most probably to assure him that when Democrats win the White House in 2008, there will be no more foolishness about us fighting a war against those silly radical Islamic terrorists.

She tried to pre-empt our foreign policy and if you are interested, which you are not, see my post Iraq War.

I said "I'd give it a try." That is not a "promise". I don't need you to ask me questions the answers to which you know very well. Right? With your erudite knowledge, why not use your real blog in stead of anonymous? Hmmm....

10:59 AM  

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