Thursday, May 10, 2007

Iraq War, our loss is a win in the Democrat Strategy to humiliate President Bush

Bill Gertz and S. A. Miller of the Washington Times have published an article today - 5/10/2007 that includes good news for al Qaeda and for Islamist appeasers. The article, War debate cited as aiding al Qaeda speaks volumes of truth. The history of what is called the War in Iraq has yet to be written. The Democrats are using the same play book that they used as "flower children" in Haight-Ashbury of old in San Francisco, once such a gem of a city and now - well, diminished. Here are a few of the facts that our leaders do not wish to discuss openly:
  1. al Qaeda is not going away. Also, with the recent plot to "hit Fort Dix" uncovered and stopped, it is clear to me that al Qaeda is not as tightly controlled as it once might have been. The 6 Muslim men who have been arrested in a plot to attack an American military base on American soil may or may not be connected with al Qaeda. The good news about this foiled attack is that other cells may be working and plotting independently. When the Islamists are being so very successful here (see Item 2), they do not need attacks carried out. As I have mentioned earlier, the Islamists have unleashed a "killing" force they may no longer control and that is good news for us.
  2. Islamists (euphemistically called "radical" Islam) are not going away and they are intent on wearing us down at home or abroad. Front organizations within the United States are attacking us from two sides: legislatively on the local as well as federal level, and through "jihad by lawsuit". In any event, the goal is to raise all Muslims to a status of superiority whereby it may well even become a crime to "look" at a Muslim. I know, seems far-fetched, but that is the way of things in Islamic dominated nations. Did you know that in Islamic nations, non-Muslim merchants must have notices on their stores warning off Muslim women from shopping there? True. If CAIR gets its way, the very mention of Islam in any capacity even when discussing the goals of "moderate" Muslims will be considered "hate speech." We are in for some rough sledding with a Democrat-controlled Congress and the lackies in Congress who work for the Islamists within our nation.
  3. Republicans - justifiably angered by Congressional and Senatorial Republicans throwing away massive amounts of money and passing such bills as the Campaign Finance Reform Bill - threw the House of Representatives to the Democrats and shot us all in the foot/back. I know the Senate is under Democrat control but I do not know the status of the Democrat Senator who became ill - if he is able to actually meet his obligations.
  4. One more troubling move seems to be that Democrats are willing to toss Israel overboard as well in their treacherous game of appeasement or submission to Islamists. Now that always makes me wonder why so many American Jewish folks always vote Democrat when the greatest support for Israel comes from conservatives.
We are in serious danger and the Democrats appease. The Saudi Wahhabis build mosques and Islamic Centers across America as fast as they can. How much Saudi money flows to Islamist-Muslim organizations within our nation for the purpose of changing our laws, and manipulating or influencing our government and buying up our news media? If the United States pulls out of Iraq and leaves the Iraqi people who trusted us to their own defenses, we will have their blood on our hands. The Democrats who oversee this defeat of America's fighting forces will drip with blood and no washing as done by Lady MacBeth will ever cleanse them. And just as our Democrat masters swell with pride, the French - God Bless them - elect a conservative president. May he have strength and conviction because he can "save" France if that is still possible. Now, to the Washington Times news article by Gertz and Miller: [my comments]
Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates yesterday told Congress that al Qaeda will establish a stronghold in Iraq's Anbar province if U.S. troops pull out prematurely and that the group is reacting to the war debate in Washington by stepping up attacks. 
 [Good for the Democrats - aiding and abetting the enemy.] Furthermore, the entire war effort will be disrupted unless Congress quickly passes an emergency funding bill acceptable to President Bush, he said. [The point of the Democrats is to disrupt the entire war effort and to bring our men and women home in defeat.]
 Mr. Gates' testimony before the Senate Appropriations Committee preceded today's scheduled House vote on a bill that the White House promises to veto because it rations war spending and sets up a July vote to cut off funds if progress in Iraq is inadequate. 
 "If we were to withdraw, leaving Iraq in chaos, al Qaeda almost certainly would use Anbar province as another base from which to plan operations not only inside Iraq, but first of all in the neighborhood and then potentially against the United States," Mr. Gates told the committee. 
 [remember 9/11, Flight 93, the Pentagon] He said al Qaeda is a "thinking enemy" that has adapted its strategies as the United States changes its own. The group also is expanding both its organization and terrorist capabilities, Mr. Gates said. 
 "We know that al Qaeda has re-established itself ... on the western border of Pakistan where they are training new recruits," he said. "They have established linkages now in North Africa. Al Qaeda has actually expanded, I would say, its organization and its capabilities." 
 The Army has slowed spending at bases in the United States and plucked $1.6 billion from Air Force and Navy accounts to fill funding gaps at the battlefront, Mr. Gates said, adding that more raids of military accounts are likely. 
 "If we pulled out all the stops, used everything possible available to us, we could probably fund the war into July," he said. "But I would tell you the impact on the Department of Defense, in terms of disruption and canceled contracts and programs, would be huge if we had to do that." 
 The war funds are caught in a standoff between congressional Democrats bent on reining in the unpopular war and Mr. Bush, who demands a bill with no strings attached that constrict the war effort. 
 [Let me interject that the war is "unpopular" because the Democrats and the news media deems it so. If for 10 seconds, Congress supported our military and their effort, our nation would be united on stabilizing the Middle East.] House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, California Democrat, said the president had "once again chosen confrontation over cooperation." 
[Cooperation to a Democrat means we bend over and hold our ankles and kiss our a__ goodbye.] "The president refuses to listen to the American people who want this war to end," she said. "Instead, what they're getting from the president is further escalation of the war." 
[Note to Nancy: we don't want the war to end in defeat.] 
 "Enough is enough. It is time to get a clean bill to the president's desk and really support our troops," House Minority Leader John A. Boehner said as he received a petition signed by 2,700 current and former service members in support of continuing the war in Iraq. 
[Note to Rep. Boehner: petitions don't help when it comes to dealing with Liberal Leftists. Over 18,000 people signed a petition to Save the Wren Cross and the cross is still locked up. Whether under glass or locked in a cabinet, it is still locked up.] "The consequences of failure are too ominous to even comprehend," the Ohio Republican said. "If we don't take on the terrorists and we are not willing to take on the terrorists in Iraq, where do we draw the line and when do we stand up to protect the safety and interests of the American people?" 
 [Good question but Democrats are not interested in the American people, only in damaging President Bush - they should be friends; the Democrats are going to give the president his 20 million new citizens; he's going to give the Democrats 20 million new voters - can't they at least let him "win" the war?] Mr. Gates also warned the lawmakers that a vote to cut funding in July would force him to "shut down significant elements of the Department of Defense in August and September because I wouldn't have the money to pay salaries." 
[Another plus for the Democrats - the more folks on welfare, the more voters for the Democrats slipping their fingers in our pockets.] Asked when U.S. forces can be withdrawn, Mr. Gates said Army Gen. David H. Petraeus, the top U.S. commander in Iraq, will evaluate the situation in September and recommend whether troop levels can be reduced. 
 U.S. troops could safely begin to withdraw once violence is reduced to a level where the Iraqi government can advance a political reconciliation within the country, he said. 
 • This article was based in part on wire-service reports.
I have to be candid and say that I believe the Iraqi government has moved too slowly but that is naive on my part. Brigitte Gabriel said it best in her book, Because they hate, that the nations in the Middle East were "tribes with flags." But the Democrats are doing much to continue to tear this nation apart. The American people are with our men and women in our military. Our military men and women deserve better than the cold porridge the Democrats are serving up.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Petraeus's letter has ensured that we will lose in Iraq.

Therefore, since we are going to lose regardless, we might as well leave Iraq now.

4:35 AM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

So sad that we, the American people, know nothing about what is going on. We are coddled, given a few more welfare-dollars or a money for a new Robert Byrd Clinic for Obssessed Adolescents and all is right with the world.

7:41 AM  
Anonymous Fred said...

Petraeus's letter indicates that we are going to lose this war regardless of the amount of troops or the amount of time we are there.

So, since as Petraeus's letter indicates, defeat is certain, I am forced to say - Bring our Troops Home Now. If the government isn't going to let them win, then keeping them out there spilling their blood is tantamount to the Bush Administration murdering them.

Please understand, I am a conservative, but after seeing all the soldiers that Bush has arrested for doing their jobs, I can't be a Bush-bot. Fight to win or don't fight at all. There is no other option.

For the non-Bush-Bots out there look at General Betrayus's record. He hasn't spent a day in battle. He is just a politician in uniform.

4:30 AM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Fred, thanks for the link to the radio streaming. Yeh! I had not intended to post today - being Mother's Day and all - but I'm using your comment and will type a few words.

Thank you - and Happy Mother's Day to the Mom's in your life.

6:22 AM  

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