Friday, May 11, 2007

In Milan, Italy, Christ comes down; Mary goes up. Why?

Last night or early this morning, I wrote a post, Milan Crucifixes come down - Dhimmmitude, thy name is disgrace!, based upon a H/T to West Carolina Report for citing the article, Milan hospital removes crucifixes to please Muslims. Then I said, hmmm.... Remember, Muslims are allowed to lie to non-Muslims, infidels, to advance the cause of the Islamic Caliphate - the advancement of Islam to world domination. The thrust of the reasoning was that pictures or statues of Mary, the Mother of Christ, were not AS offensive to Muslims as the crucifix with the body of Christ upon it was. Well, then I got to thinking about that and arrived at another possible reason for the "offense" and the chance to swap out the images. All very reasonable you know and very "let's all get along," you know! From my understanding of Islam and my readings of the Qur'an, Jesus is credited with being a prophet. Fine. And Mary is "respected" as His mother. Great! The theory is that Muslims objected to the crucifix because they do not believe in images and all. But is that the real skinny? Men in Islam are superior to women. I believe the hospital/clinic in Milan deals with ob/gyn patients - women. I have read where Muslim imams have stated that it is the "womb of their women" that will conqueror the Western nations. What better image to have on the wall but the Mother Mary - giving the Muslim women solace and comfort that their labors are not in vain. No need for a crucifix with Christ on the Cross giving hope to all - no indeedy - let's smack a woman's image in His place; she'll comfort the little woman as she does her duty for Islamic domination of the world. Nope, not waking up anytime soon, are we?


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