Sunday, November 05, 2006

Voter Fraud in California - already?

Say it isn't so. My Left Coast Operative informed me yesterday that in the great Socialist Republic of California, the absentee ballot scenario in his area (San Diego) works like this. An absentee ballot is xeroxed a kazillion times. Little worker-bee clerks or whomever fold up the paper and stuff it in a regular envelope. The person receiving the xeroxed ballot fills it out and mails it back. THEN, the clerks transfer the information to the regular absentee ballot. Probably no chance of fraud there. Talk about swinging, hanging, pregnant chads. Now, it is xeroxed ballot so that anyone receiving it can xerox it to their hearts content. I can only hope my Left Coast Operative is wrong but he informed me that he can now only vote through absentee ballot because they (the state of CA) closed his long-time voting place a couple of elections ago.


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